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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Idol And Auto-Tune

My sister wanted to watch American Idol. I watched the first hour. It was the first episode for the "audition round". I was able to notice the use of Auto-Tune!

Many shows are designed for people with the parasitic personality type. Some examples are "American Idol", "Dancing With The Stars", "The Apprentice", "The Office", and "The Weakest Link".

For example, "The Weakest Link" promotes mediocrity. If you're clearly a strong player, then the others vote you out so they don't have to face you in the final.

Now that I've mostly cracked my pro-State brainwashing, I notice things I didn't see before. For example, I can notice plastic surgery. Plastic surgery looks ugly and unnatural. Conan O'Brien had a lot of plastic surgery.

Because I've mostly cracked my pro-State brainwashing, I was able to notice the use of Auto-Tune.

When the goal was "this contestant advances", then Auto-Tune was used. When the goal was "ridicule this contestant", then Auto-Tune was not used. It was incredibly offensive.

Due to Auto-Tune, a singer's appearance is all that matters. Their singing ability is irrelevant. The State model for a celebrity is "anorexic with plastic surgery", and breast implants for women.

A good natural singer would be somewhat overweight. (think Pavarotti). The use of Auto-Tune means that people with the "right" appearance can be promoted. Your actual singing ability is irrelevant.

The judges would ridicule someone who had the "wrong" appearance. That's very offensive. The judges may have been told who should advance. The judges probably were able to figure out on their own, who had the "wrong" appearance.

My sister totally fell for the pro-State brainwashing. She instinctively knew these were "bad" singers, because Auto-Tune wasn't on.

With Auto-Tune, most singers sound the same. The "bad" singers sounded more natural to me, because Auto-Tune wasn't on. I thought the natural sound was better than the Auto-Tuned sound!

That explains one thing that always bothered me. "Why do lousy singers audition for American Idol?" The answer is that they aren't really lousy singers. The show's producers don't use Auto-Tune, when they want to ridicule someone. The audience is pro-State brainwashed to believe "Auto-Tune is off. Therefore, this is a lousy singer."

If the show altered someone's voice to ridicule them, then that would subject them to a libel lawsuit. However, the show alters the voice of people they want to look good. For people they want to ridicule, they show their natural voice. On a technicality, that isn't libel. However, audiences are conditioned to believe "Auto-Tune implies good singer." and "No Auto-Tune implies lousy singer."

It's also offensive to see the attitude "This is some lucky contestant's only chance to become a superstar." American Idol promotes pro-State groveling. "In order to become a celebrity, you need the approval of State gatekeepers/judges." Another lie is "You only get one big chance!" If you're really talented, you get multiple chances.

The Internet changes the equation. You can self-publish on the Internet and earn a decent living. You can bypass the State gatekeepers. You still need a State mainstream media contract to become a multi-millionaire. You can earn a decent living self-publishing on the Internet. If you're an unknown artist, your goal is not "make millions of dollars". Your goal is "make income comparable to a regular wage slave job".

Most of the money spent on record purchases goes to State middlemen. If you self-publish and offer free downloads, you only need 10,000 donations of $10 for it to be a career. Plus, you could sell live performances.

American Idol's producers have publicly denied using Auto-Tune. (Of course, they may use another program with a different name and similar features. Then, they technically didn't lie.) This article says that some American Idol employees privately admitted to using Auto-Tune.

I don't have to rely on third party reports. I could tell they were using Auto-Tune. It is offensive to use Auto-Tune to enhance favored contestants, while ridiculing non-favored contestants.

Even if a performance is "live", it may be Auto-Tune enhanced.

Auto-Tune is bad. A good good musician will intentionally vary pitch and rhythm. Auto-Tune takes that away. (There also is an "Auto-Rhythm", that fixes the beat.)

Unfortunately, American Idol is immune from liability for their fraud. Do the improperly-ridiculed contestants have a valid fraud claim? They wasted time and energy auditioning. On the other hand, there's no libel in a really free market. The correct solution is that people should refuse to watch garbage.

Since I've mostly cracked my pro-State brainwashing, I have higher awareness. I was able to notice the use of Auto-Tune on "American Idol". They used Auto-Tune to enhance favored contestants. They didn't use Auto-Tune for contestants they wanted to ridicule. Audiences are pro-State brainwashed to believe "Auto-Tune is off. Therefore, this is a lousy singer."

One theme of State brainwashing is "Appearance matters more than ability." With Auto-Tune, a singer's appearance matters more than ability. Via Auto-Tune, ability is irrelevant. However, I was able to notice the use of Auto-Tune. The contrast between Auto-Tuned and non-Auto-Tuned singers was obvious.


dionysusal said...

We've been saying this for *years* over at! We've exposed a great many scams perpetrated by that deceitful, underhanded show.

FSK said...

I hadn't read that website. I only watched the hour of "American Idol" because my sister wanted to.

It's nice to see that I've independently verified their conclusions.

I was shocked that I was able to consciously notice the use of Auto-Tune. I didn't think that I had much musical ability.

Listening In said...

Wow, that's amazing. Autotune sounds like crap and I don't watch TV talent shows, so I would have missed this. But I will "tune in" and see if I can hear it myself. If they are really using autotune on the favored singers to make them sound "better" (or that they can sing in tune), then the whole contest is rigged and fraudulent.

dionysusal said...

Listening In:

They have all but admitted using auto-tune for the group performances (top 12 and after). And it's ridiculously obvious that they lip-synch the group performances. If they can use it for that, they can use it for anything.

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