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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arkansas Dead Fish And Birds

This story is interesting. In Arkansas, a bunch of birds mysteriously died. Nearby, a bunch of fish mysteriously died.

State police are saying "It's just a coincidence. Move along. There's nothing to see here."

Who do they think they're fooling?

This story has been heavily covered in many blogs. Instead of ignoring the story, State comedians say "It's just a coincidence."

It was only one species of bird and one species of fish. That suggests a virus.

What are the possibilities?

  1. It really was a coincidence.
  2. Someone was testing a biological weapon.
  3. Someone was testing another type of weapon.
  4. It's some type of pollution.
  5. Other?
If X is fatal to birds and fish, there's a good chance X could be fatal to humans.

This incident is suspicious. That isn't proof. I'm surprised that State comedians are so eager to say "Move along! There's nothing to see here!" Usually, State thugs are eager to incite environmental panic. "Save the environment!" is an excuse for State violence.


Scott said...

Today in Louisiana a flock of the same species of red winged blackbirds died off and fell dead on the road.

Looking at the map, this happened about 400 miles due south of the fish kill.

400 miles just happens to be how far small birds such as blackbirds can fly in the 4 days it has been since the previous kill.

State officials have already said it is a coincidence and there is absolutely no connection between the two. They have also said that the full body haz mat suits with fully enclosed gas masks being worn by those collecting the birds is a standard procedure for collecting road kill. Citizens are warned not to collect any birds, and especially not to send them to labs for evaluation. The government labs are fully capable of handling this.

Scott said...

Here is an explanation from an identical bird kill in 2009.

fritz said...

It was a weapons test. The type of weapon produces a frequency that can be calibrated to create a certain effect. The organs in the birds were all pulverized but it was only one type of bird affected.

This weapon can be used to the same effect against people with a slight change in calibration and effect a larger area when more power is used.

Now the fish incident was a residual affect. Water is a great frequency transmitter.The one type of fish affected by this frequency matched the birds.

These are some of the reasons for the testing to establish any residual affects on unintended targets.

Anonymous said...

There is a BBC television programme called Question Time. I'm going off of it.

A few weeks ago Wikileaks was discussed.

One of the clowns on the show said the diplomatic cables were just tittle-tattle. Again we notice the technique of downplaying material.

Ironically another set of clowns condemn the Wikileaks release are irresponsible and illegal.

So how can releasing something that is just tittle-tattle and of no significance be both irresponsible and illegal?

These clowns obviously think we are very stupid. Pass the popcorn please while I see the next Hollywood film.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at