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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Indications Of Progress

Sometimes, fighting the State seems like too much. However, I'm definitely seeing signs of progress. On more discussion forums, I see more and more people arguing in favor of the truth. On some forums, they're even a majority!

It's amusing to see statists getting exasperated. "Why are there all these people claiming that 'Taxation is theft!' Where did all these fruitcakes come from all of a sudden?"

Even though a lot of money is spent promoting lies, the truth is powerful.

I saw this twitter message as a strong indication of progress.

Probably the most important thing I learned in 2010 is that #taxation IS theft. Not a bit like it, not sometimes, but always and absolutely.
That is important. The State doesn't get defeated all at once. It happens gradually. One person gets convinced at a time.

The more people know the truth, the less State psychopaths would gain from eliminating me.

Did someone who reads my blog convince him? "Taxation is theft!" is an idea that's spreading. It's hard to determine if I'm having an effect, or if it's something that was going to happen anyway.


Anonymous said...

What makes taxation more like theft is that fact that we don't have a real democracy and we don't have a real rule of law.

Parliament in the UK makes little or no effort to write laws down in an unambiguous way. Instead a lot of how things are done is down to custom and case law. This is much harder or impossible for a non-insider to look up. Statutory law is easier to look up. How can the law be obeyed if it is not even written down somewhere? Plus what idiot would pass a law saying it is illegal for two mothers to look after each others' babies? The stupid, lazy UK parliament did.

If you want the law upheld in the UK you need hundreds of thousands of pounds to pay for lawyers. Otherwise you are **** out of luck. Everything is slow and expensive.

Parties only have a chance of being voting in if they get media coverage. Television and newspapers only give real coverage to the two main parties and now the Lib-Dems.

Only insiders like lawyers, landowners and Public Relations lightweights (with no life experience) have the time and money to stand for Parliament. Everyone else is too busy struggling to get enough money to survive and pay the mortgage. Most people will get sunk with a period of unemployment.

Once someone gets accepted as a Parliamentary candidate for a main party, they have to tow the party line in order to get selected again, not have dirt on them leaked to the press and get cushy jobs. They represent the party and not the people anymore.

Anonymous said...

The trouble in the UK is when you get sick the National Health Service won't help you.

So you have to pay double. Once through taxes and then again privately.

The tax money you put in the NHS instead goes on a bloated hierarchy of managers, a failed computer system and to insiders to pay the interest on bank loans (see the rip-off PFI Public-Private Finance Initiatives).

Why is the government effectively paying millions of pounds in interest payments for NHS projects at high rates via private companies? Government should either create the money itself (instead of via the corrupt banking system which creates the money from thin air) or get the loan directly instead of via a private company which is given higher interest rates.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at