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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keith Olbermann And MSNBC

Keith Olbermann was fired from MSNBC. Allegedly, he got into fights with his bosses, regarding the content of his show.

Keith Olbermann is a high-ranking State comedian. He's a high-ranking slave. He's still a slave.

Keith Olbermann is a "house slave". (It's better to write "house slave" than "house n*****".) His primary job is to keep the other slaves in line. If the "house slave" gets too uppity, then he's demoted. Some other slave gets the opportunity to boss around the other slaves.

State "journalist" is a high-paying low-skill job. MSNBC could fire Keith Olbermann, hire someone else as a replacement, and keep most of their ratings.

Keith Olbermann does not own the means of production. After getting fired by MSNBC, there are only a handful of other corporations that may hire him. If they conspire to censor/blacklist Keith Olbermann, then he is SOL.

The mainstream media is a "captured regulator". The mainstream media owners are unelected. They wield more influence than most politicians.

Suppose I wanted to start my own TV news channel. Comcast would refuse to carry my channel, because it would be competing with MSNBC. It's a closed market. Only insiders may start new mainstream media channels.

I can self-publish on the Internet and bypass State censorship. However, you won't get as much of an audience self-publishing on the Internet as you would with a State mainstream media contract. You won't make as much money on the Internet compared with a State media contract.

I'm disturbed by how often this happens. A mainstream media "journalist" says the wrong thing. They are fired. They don't find a new job. It's a clear pattern.

I don't know what the issue was. Keith Olbermann is still a pro-State troll. However, his personal beliefs don't match Comcast's censorship agenda. Therefore he was fired.

The media spin is "Keith Olbermann wasn't obeying orders. We had to fire him to 'send a message'." The message is "Obey orders or you're fired. Even if you're a famous journalist, you're still an employee and a slave."

Most "journalists" are really slaves. They are employees and not owners. Their slave-masters veto the content they are allowed to air. Every State "journalist" knows that if he says the wrong thing, then he will be fired. He would be blacklisted and his career would be over.

There is a strong culture of self-censorship in the State media. People who deviate aren't sent to death camps. That would be too obviously evil. Instead, they are fired and their career is ruined. The "free market" takes care of State censorship. The problem is that the mainstream media is a fake free market, and not a really free market.

Why don't people like Keith Olbermann and Conan O'Brien start their own TV channel? The State makes that illegal. A handful of insiders control all the State media. For all practical purposes, those insiders *ARE* the government. They have the power to promote or censor an idea. Of course, if any media owner misbehaves, then the banksters will push down their stock via naked short selling and arrange for a leveraged buyout. A new figurehead would be installed as owner, if a current media owner disobeys orders.

This pattern is very disturbing. A State "journalist" refuses to obey orders. He is fired. All "journalists", no matter how prominent, are employees and slaves.

Why shouldn't Keith Olbermann have the freedom to say whatever he wants on his own show? He's just an employee. He's just a slave. If he deviates from the censorship agenda, then an example must be made of him.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The BBC broadcasts a show called Question Time in the UK.

Andrew "Brillo-Pad" Neil is the host. One of his permanent guests is a former Conservative minister called Michael Porta-loo.

In one show Michael Portaloo was saying that banks only hold a pitiful amount...

He was probably going on to mention the fact that banks only hold a small amount of cash in reserve and can loan out much more i.e. talk about the fractional reserve system and money printed from thin air that never existed before. Banks loan out money they don't have.

But for some reason the Brillo-Pad stopped the Portaloo.

Who knows why? Maybe they were constrained for time. Maybe it was going off-subject.

But a thought flickered through my head it might be some sort of censorship, even if unconsciously done so. Or maybe it was getting off-topic.

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