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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are State Parasites Getting Scared?

This blog post was interesting. The author said "Anarcho-capitalism is gaining a surprising amount of popularity. A lot of people are saying 'Taxation is theft!' As statists, we should be concerned. We need to work on coming up with better propaganda!"

There's no "magic propaganda that refutes anarcho-capitalism", because "market anarchism" is the One True Theory of politics and economics. Now that I understand agorism and market anarchism, pro-State arguments are obvious nonsense.

You can't come up with a "magic argument" that refutes something that's actually true.

I'm noticing a lot more statist comments like this. It is an encouraging sign. It's an indication that the truth is spreading. Some statists are getting exasperated by frequent mentions of "Taxation is theft!" and a discussion of alternatives to the State violence monopoly.

The danger of the State isn't just State police, who might kidnap and torture you for telling the truth. The danger comes from your friends and coworkers and relatives. They will react with hostility when you say "All taxation is theft!"

The difference between now and the past is the Internet. 30 years ago, there would have been no way for me to learn the real truth. If I were forced to rely on newspapers and TV and school, my information is severely limited. The Internet enables people to bypass the State information monopoly.

Right now, statists have far superior numbers and resources. That is changing. It might only be necessary to convince the 3%-5% most skilled workers, in order for the State to collapse. That is the advantage of agorism. Agorism allows the most productive workers to thrive outside the State extortion racket.

If I explain something on my blog, and my readers enlighten other people, there's an exponential spread of the truth. At this point, the collapse of the State seems like a historic inevitability, even though State parasites have superior resources.

I'm noticing that some statists are getting frustrated, due to frequent mentions of "Taxation is theft! Who needs a government violence monopoly?" That's a good sign. The truth is sufficiently powerful. I can't imagine someone convincing me "Taxation is not theft!", now that I fully understand the truth. A State terrorist might decide to kidnap and torture me based on my understanding of the truth, but I don't see State parasites successfully convincing me that I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

Taxation is way too high. It stops little people forming their own businesses. Tax is not just 20 - 30% income tax, it is national insurance/social security contributions, value added tax, fuel tax, property sales tax, stupid lawsuit tax that all small businesses have to pay tax, council (property) tax...

An alternative might be to reduce taxation from effectively 50% to 1 or 2%. This small tax is used for a limited health insurance - just things like stitching up wounds etc. Not fancy stuff like pointless and harmful pharmaceuticals or weight loss surgery etc.

In China the taxation rate is much smaller at something like 5% and I hear some people don't even pay that.

Most people can save themselves enough to buy food when they have periods of unemployment. If they can't then this need can be met be charities and voluntary contributions.

Scott said...

Are you sure that that blog isn't a troll site? He has a picture of an aristocrat and his basic argument is "These silly peasants like Locke are wrong my good man and the reasons should be so clear that I should not have to even explain why! My goodness, what ARE they teaching the plebians in our indoctrination centers nowadays. I may have to write a scroll of edict to correct this."

Kind of hard to take it seriously when he presents his "criticism" in such a manner. It's like the arguments in favor of global warming. "We don't have to prove anything or show our data it is self evident that all we say is true!"

Anonymous said...

This story reminds me of a podcast I heard the other day... about an NYPD officer who exposed illegal police tactics. His superiors came down on him HARD, including trying to have him committed. They are running scared.

The story starts at the 17 minute mark. worth a listen.

FSK said...

"Mental illness" is a common tactic for silencing political dissidents. After all, you have to be insane if you're challenging the State.

The State weeds out honest policemen and honest bureaucrats.

Scott said...

"Most people can save themselves enough to buy food when they have periods of unemployment. If they can't then this need can be met be charities and voluntary contributions."

Traditionally also they will move in with family. Requires people to maintain more friendly relations with people and not burn so many bridges.

Anonymous said...

I like what H.L. Mencken of The Baltimore Sun said years ago; Politicians are merely brokers in pillaged goods, and an election is an advance payment for a share of the theft.

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