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Monday, September 27, 2010

Secret Ballot Or Public Ballot

One important State lie is "Voting legitimizes government and taxes." That is false. If voting legitimizes taxes, then that means that the majority may steal from the minority. Once tax crime is allowed, all sorts of other crimes are legitimized via "color of law".

All modern voting systems feature secret ballots. A secret ballot is supposed to protect individuals. A secret ballot also makes it impossible to prove if someone tampered with the results.

Suppose there were a public ballot. There's a public record of who voted for whom. The problem with that system is that you might be subject to retaliation, based on who you vote for. Your employer might fire you, if you vote for someone they don't like.

Public campaign contributions are also a problem. One blogger wrote "I work for a bank. If I donated money to Ron Paul, my employer would find out and fire me." A large bank can also have an informal policy of "top executives are required to donate to preferred candidates". Donation records are public. That makes it very easy to verify.

Secret campaign donations are problematic, because you don't know who donates to whom. Public campaign contributions are problematic, because there might be pressure to support or not support a specific candidate.

The common feature is "government is evil". With secret or public campaign contributions, politicians will abuse their power, spending tax money on pork and favors. Even publicly-funded campaigns are evil, because politicians decide who gets funded. A candidate with "no chance of winning" won't qualify for State funding, and therefore has no chance of winning.

With secret ballots, it's impossible to verify the result. You have no idea if the votes are counted honestly, or if the "official" results are plausible-sounding lies.

Some people claim that Diebold machines are really "automated voter fraud machines". They are easily hackable. They have backdoors that allows an administrator to manipulate totals.

The voting system is stacked against individual freedom. A candidate like Ron Paul gets no mainstream media coverage. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, "We're not covering Ron Paul because he has no chance of winning." State parasites collectively have no need to rig elections, because the system is so biased. However, an individual politician has an incentive to rig an election.

"Electronic voting machines facilitate fraud" rings true, because elections themselves are fraudulent. Whether you have a secret ballot or public ballot, State insiders will manipulate things for their own benefit.

This is a common feature of government. There's no way to patch a fundamentally corrupt system. Whether you have secret ballots or public ballots, evil occurs. Whether you have public campaign contributions or private campaign contributions, evil occurs. As long as government has a violence/taxation/justice monopoly, evil will occur.

The correct answer to all politician questions is "All taxation is theft. No amount of voting legitimizes theft, whether it's 51% or 75% or 99.9% voting for it."

Some pro-State trolls criticize "Taxation is theft!" as an ultra-right viewpoint. "Taxation is not theft!" is the ultra-wrong answer.


justino said...

I had a conversation like this just yesterday. A devout Ron Paul supporter was telling me how a community could ethically enforce a law so long as the majority supported it.

After I asked, he said even slavery.

Anonymous said...

"'Voting legitimizes government and taxes.'" That is false."

Perhaps you could turn some of your posts into maths proof and reasoning questions for students.

You could link your posts to Modus Ponens.

From knowledge that
p and p implies q are both true
we can deduce q is true


FSK said...

Binary logic fails for real-world problems. Bayesian Reasoning is better.

Even Math, as commonly taught, is part of the scam of the State. By teaching binary logic and not Bayesian Reasoning, people don't learn to think properly.

In order to learn Bayesian Reasoning via State education, you have to study computer AI.

For example, "The IRS acts like a terrorist organization and an mafia protection/extortion racket. That is evidence that taxation is theft."

Master Doh-San said...

"Those who cast the votes determine nothing. Those who count the votes determine everything." - Josef Stalin

Anonymous said...

Fradulent change of voting records is probably done is some cases but I doubt that it happens very often. There are much more innocent mechanisms of reaching desired outcome. In local elections(city council for example) 90% of voters are stupid and voting pattern follows random distribution. There 20 names for one position and each candidate gets roughly 5% of votes then 12 candidates give each of their 5% to one candidate thus giving him required percentage(Technically they remove themselves from ballot). Even if an outsider just by chance gets his/her name on a ballot it is very difficult to get more than 5-10%. Getting on the ballot is not an easy thing in itself because of the paperwork it takes and if you mistakenly put a check mark in a wrong place which will happen with an almost 100% certainty.

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