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Friday, September 3, 2010

Roger Clemens Indicted For Lying To Terrorists

Here's a fantasy news story:

In two unanimous votes, President Obama was impeached and removed from office for the crime of "lying to the American people". House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said "He promised that he would close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp within a year. There must be accountability when the President breaks his promises."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said "He originally promised to have all US troops out of Iraq by mid-2009. The current 'withdrawal' is a sham. There still are 50k US troops in Iraq, plus military contractors. Who does the President think he's fooling? It's 'obstruction of justice' when the President makes pathetically transparent lies. We had no choice but to remove him from office."

In other news, a Federal judge tossed Roger Clemens' perjury indictment, saying "It's none of the government's business whether Roger Clemens used steroids or not. Doesn't Congress have better things to do than question baseball players about steroids?"
That seems like a headline from bizarro universe.

There are two "justice" systems. There's one for State insiders and one for everyone else. It's OK for police to lie to you, but it's a serious crime to lie to the police.

It's OK for police to commit perjury. They usually get away with it or get a slap on the wrist. It's OK for politicians to lie and break campaign promises. The lying politician says "It's complicated. Circumstances change. We're smarter than you slaves." That reasoning leads to trillions of dollars in bailouts, even though most people object.

It isn't immoral to lie to someone, if they may kidnap and torture you based on your response. Unfortunately, State thugs think their authority is legitimate.

State police have no obligation to record their interrogation. The police take notes, and then testify/testily based on their notes. If you're interrogated for 3 hours and say one thing wrong, then the police will quote you out of context. That isn't applicable to Roger Clemens, but it's a common abuse of State power.

In State courtrooms, there's a written transcript but no video footage. Most judges resist cameras in the courtroom. Suppose every courtroom was videotaped and the footage were placed on the Internet. The slaves would be outraged, when they see how the "justice" system works. State parasites are hostile to publicly videotaped trials, because it would show how it's all a sham.

Roger Clemens' indictment is particularly stupid. Roger Clemens said "I didn't use steroids." Other people say "He did use steroids." That's all the evidence against him. That isn't proof.

By shaming Roger Clemens, State thugs say "Look at how awesome we are! Roger Clemens was a famous baseball player and now he's a criminal! See what happens when a slave disrespects us! Roger Clemens was a high-status slave, but he's still a slave just like everyone else!"

Professional sports leagues can and should ban steroids. "Roger Clemens took steroids!" should be a civil offense and not criminal. At the time, taking steroids wasn't against the baseball players' CBA.

I'm not a professional athlete. I should be able to take steroids if I want to. It would be a stupid thing to do because of negative side-effects. "Certain substances are banned!" is part of corrupt State law. Taking steroids isn't a crime, because you're only hurting yourself.

Professional athletes should not take steroids, when the league's rules forbid it. Breaking that contract is a civil offense and not criminal. The penalty for a steroid-taking athlete is whatever the league's rules say.

Professional sports leagues should ban steroids. Otherwise, steroid use is mandatory, due to the short-term benefit.

If you did a "drug approval study" for steroids looking at only 6-12 weeks, you might falsely conclude that steroids are beneficial. Steroids give a short-term boost, but have long-term negative side-effects. Most State pharmaceutical research only covers 6-12 weeks. This leads to the false conclusion that long-term harmful drugs are beneficial.

Why would anyone testify before Congress? Why would anyone talk to the FBI or police? If you say "X", and someone else says "not X", now you can be prosecuted for perjury?

"Swearing in as a witness" isn't a valid contract. If State thugs can show you lied, then they can prosecute you for perjury. What is the witness getting in exchange for testifying? For a contract to be valid, both parties need to contribute something.

"Roger Clemens used steroids!" is one of those issues that distract the slaves. People talk about Roger Clemens, instead of more important things.

I'm offended by Roger Clemens' perjury prosecution. Why should I pay the cost, via higher taxes?

There's a double standard for justice in the USA. State insiders may lie to you. It's a serious crime to lie to State insiders.


Anonymous said...

This crime and punishment thing is a huge industry -- a growing profit center in a nation in industrial decline. I think it's way out of proportion to what is required -- the penalties are too extreme in many cases, or completely unfair in many more. I think for every new law they pass they should be required to repeal 2. We have an extremely vindictive culture and you can see this at many levels of the bureaucracy. If I were ever on a jury I think would vote to acquit regardless of guilt, until they reform up the prison system.

Scott said...

Good analysis. Keep up the great work.

FSK said...

One of my favorite proposed reforms was "There should be one branch of government dedicated to repealing laws, with only a 1/3 vote required for repeal." Of course, there's no chance of such a reform occurring.

The correct answer is "Monopolistic government is not legitimate, no matter what precautions you take to prevent abuse."

Anonymous said...

FSK speaks the truth.

Scott said...

FSK, We were talking about contempt of court being a way judges can hold people in prison for non-criminal charges indefinitely without habeas corpus. I forgot which article, but this one has judges abusing their power so I'll post this link here for you to check out which talks about this.

Scott said...

That site is about a man put in prison for 14 years because he had no money to pay alimony and was found in contempt since not paying alimony is not a criminal offense. It took his son 14 years of working with lawyers to get his dad out of prison even though the dad was never charged with a crime, never tried, never sentenced, and never given a release date. Just held in prison.

This link is really the key one. He links to this article that talks about the practice in a general sense.

bpreston said...

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