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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to Derail a Grassroots Movement

This story was very interesting. There's a group of people dedicated to infiltrating and subverting the "Tea Party" movement, and I'm not referring to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. (Since then, no longer exists. Once they were publicly outed, they probably took their website private. I got a 404 error when I tried loading the site.)

Their goal is to go to "Tea Party" rallies and recite racist slogans and act disruptive.

Are these people undercover cops? Are they funded by other statists? Are they just plain scumbags? That's irrelevant.

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are trying to infiltrate and subvert the Tea Party movement, albeit less flagrantly dishonestly. They're probably thinking "Here's a large group of angry people! I'll go and declare that I'm their leader! Some of them will be dumb enough to believe me!"

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck sincerely believe their own lies. It's hard to be sure if they're acting maliciously, or if they're so stupid that they don't know any better. That's irrelevant. The mainstream media discusses minarchism and not proper market anarchism. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are minarchists and not market anarchists; otherwise, they wouldn't be advertised on the mainstream media at all.

The main qualification for being a "Tea Party Leader" seems to be "A mainstream media program interviews you." That gives Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck a forum that more unplugged people don't have access to. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck sincerely believe their own pro-State brainwashing. They're advocating for minarchism and "Make the government smaller!" rather than "All taxation is theft!"

Everyone knows who is the leader of the Republican Party or Democratic Party. For a decentralized grassroots movement, there's no official leader.

There's no state licensing requirement for calling yourself a "Tea Party Leader". People should be required to get a permit from the State, before calling themselves an anarchist.

There's a lot of people looking to infiltrate or subvert the Tea Party movement. Some of them are professional disinformation agents. Some of them are scumbags. Some of them are brainwashed statists looking for an audience. If membership is open to all, you're going to attract some undesirables.

Allegedly, some Tea Party members are aware of the "Infiltrate and subvert!" tactics. They're quick to point out undercover cops, troublemakers, or scumbags.

The main difference in the Tea Party movement is the Internet. The slaves may directly share information and bypass the State media information monopoly. State parasites would love to cripple or censor the Internet. That cat is out of the bag. State thugs can't censor or cripple the Internet, without offending everyone.

The State propaganda engine excels at creating fake grassroots movements. A genuine grassroots movement is denounced as fake. The phrase "Tea Party" may become negative. The most intelligent slaves are learning the real truth. At this point, State thugs can't cripple the Internet without crippling the economy. State thugs can't kidnap/torture/arrest everyone who understands "Taxation is theft! Government is one huge extortion racket!"


Anonymous said...

Maybe 'tax is theft' the way it is now. But in my utopian society, we pay sliding scale fees to a service organization that is able to perform group services that the people collectively decide they want. No nationalism, no flags, no wars, just a service organization. I guess there would have to be an opt in feature, or you would still consider it coercion.

FSK said...

If it's "opt-in" or "pay per service", then it isn't taxation.

The best way to make sure that the police don't abuse their power is via free market competition. Once you give the police a violence monopoly, they can raise prices as high as they choose.

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