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Monday, September 6, 2010

Parking Ticket Death Penalty

In the USA, the penalty for an unpaid parking ticket is death. A pro-State troll says "That's silly." Consider what happens if you don't pay a parking ticket.

Suppose you ignore the parking ticket. The judge will make a default judgement against you, and order the police to steal your car. Alternatively, suppose you go to court, contest the ticket, lose, and refuse to pay the fine.

You refuse to pay the parking ticket, and the State thugs have a judgement against you. The State police have a piece of paper that says they may steal your car. The police see you driving, order you to stop, and attempt to steal you car. Suppose you say "WTF? That's my car!" You have a gun and try to defend your property. The police will shoot and kill you.

If you have an unpaid parking ticket and offer maximum resistance, then the police will murder you. The penalty for an unpaid parking ticket is death, *UNLESS* you compromise and accept a lesser penalty. Most people will pay the ticket. That's better than losing your car or your life.

The penalty for disobeying the State is *ALWAYS* death, unless you compromise and accept a lesser penalty. Every day you make compromises, allowing the State to steal your labor and your savings. You aren't explicitly murdered/kidnapped, but a huge chunk of your life is stolen. The threat of kidnapping keeps most of the slaves in line.

If I told my wage slave employer, "I don't want you withholding taxes from my paycheck. I don't want you reporting this transaction to the IRS.", then he would laugh at me. He's not risking going to jail. Most businesses comply with State economic terrorism. This enables State parasites to spend a lot of resources tracking down and kidnapping people who resist.

The phony State legal system plays an important role. This provides an illusion of legitimacy. The State thugs say "I'm just following orders. I'm just doing my job. If this was wrong, then the judge wouldn't have ordered me to do it."

As another example, "resisting arrest" or "running away from a policeman" is a capital crime. If you do such a thing, the policeman can execute you on the spot, and the State legal system will refuse to prosecute the State policeman for murder. Victor Steen suffered the death penalty for runing away from a policeman, and the policeman was not convicted of a crime. Oscar Grant was murdered for "resisting arrest", and the policeman was only convicted of manslaughter. In the USA, "resisting arrest" or "running away from a policeman" is a capital crime, if the policeman decides to impose it.

Every law and tax is backed by violence. You only notice the gun when you resist. If you offer maximum resistance, even for a minor offense, then State thugs will murder you.


dionysusal said...

It all comes down to fear, FSK. The State promised to deliver and save us from the things we fear. All we had to do was give it our allegiance and let it decide what's best for us. But we've come to fear the State more than the things it was created to mitigate. And we fear not having a tyrannical State (a.k.a. freedom)more than having one. We have to somehow pull ourselves up by our bootstraps get past our collective fear. Education is probably the key. Do I make any sense?

Anonymous said...

In the United Kingdom a woman was arrested for no reason and violently assaulted when she asked why she was arrested.

For the gruesome photos of her assault see the web page below.

The police thugs will assault you for no reason. Fortunately in this case the violent thug will be prosecuted.

However the other violent thug policeman that killed an innocent bystander at the G20 riots looks like he is going free.


Anonymous said...

A woman had some of her property taken over by a neighbour when he repaved his driveway. It was a few inches or something comparably small. She took the neighbour to court and was told she WAS LEGALLY RIGHT AND THE NEIGBHBOUR WAS LEGALLY WRONG TO ENCROACH ON HER PROPERTY.

But nothing happen to rectify this problem.

So the woman went to court again. Again she was told she was in the right but nothing got done.

Ditto. Ditto.

Eventually the legal bills mounted up and the woman will have to sell her house to pay the legal bills.

So if you are a little person and you try to use the legal system to right a wrong, then the lawyers will take your house away.

Anonymous said...

If you lose your job, then the relatively cheap price of food means that you could easily survive for a few years on modest savings.

However without a stable, well-paying job you won't be able to afford council (property taxes) and so you will end up having your house or apartment taken away from you.

The State is meant to offer some sort of protection if you lose your job, but in fact if you don't want to embrace the welfare system you will lose your house.

Council tax is quite comparable to food bills for a whole year. It is very expensive if you live in the wrong area.

The problem with the welfare system is that it is almost all or nothing. If you take welfare benefits you give up your right to work.

So instead of being able to work part-time or start your own business, you have to claim benefits to avoid losing your house due to excessive council tax.


gilliganscorner said...

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just park legally and then you won't get a ticket? I guess when you don't know how to drive properly that must be hard for you, eh?

Sounds to me like you are all a bunch of whiners.

I pay my taxes. I don't whine about it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, what is your job?

Are you employed by the government directly or indirectly?

If you work in banking or law, then you are indirectly employed by the government.

Anonymous said...

Dear FSK,

I think I have a crush on you! Be still my heart....

How refreshing to find true Patriots. It may be time again to pledge our lives, our fortunes and our Sacred Honor. The days ahead may be difficult, but many of us will stand together whatever comes. It appears Freedom DOES matter to some Americans. I'm with ya buddy!

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