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Sunday, September 26, 2010

C4SS - You're Doing It Wrong

This was interesting. The "Center For A Stateless Society" (C4SS) is soliciting money via donations. They're falling short of their goal.

If your only source of revenue is "begging for donations", that's pretty pathetic.

C4SS is advocating for market anarchism and agorism. How about starting some actual agorist businesses? The profits from that can be spent on promoting freedom.

When C4SS begs for money, they seem like pathetic losers. I'd be much more impressed if they started actual agorist businesses.


Anonymous said...

I don't know that they can do that while being classed as a non-profit political advocacy organization. The government's rules about such things are pretty byzantine.

Anonymous said...

Nice, they can't run agorist businesses because the government won't let them.

Mute Dog said...

Why do they need to be classed in such a way by the government? Also why don't they put some ads on their website or something?

Kyle said...

Agreed, any organization that doesn't live what it preaches, or relies only on begging for money, is pathetic and deserves none.

the least they can do (and if they have, I apologize) is show what they've done in putting in their own money, and how effective they are in making money, where donations are only a supplement and help, not the primary source.

FSK said...

Why would C4SS seek official recognition from the government as a nonprofit organization? Isn't that also hypocritical?

Even if C4SS is officially a "nonprofit", they still could run agorist businesses on the side.

If your nonprofit is officially registered with the State, you still have an obligation to disclose all income and payouts. Anytime a nonprofit pays out money, it's taxable income for the recipient.

Ideally, you should get donations under-the-table, so you don't have to report it to the State at all.

For example, if I solicited donations via PayPal, I'd have to pay 50% tax on the income, in addition to any PayPal transaction fees.

Anonymous said...

"Why would C4SS seek official recognition from the government as a nonprofit organization? Isn't that also hypocritical?"

Well, maybe, but I know there are a lot of laws regarding what any political organizations are allowed to do, and I know you don't want to run afoul of them. They're supposedly to prevent "corruption" but I think we all know that's a bunch of horseshit; what they're really for is shutting down groups the current government doesn't like. If you're corrupt while pointing in the "correct" direction, the law will ignore you.

let's not be so hypocritical said...

FSK, don't you yourself work at a wage slave IT job and indirectly pay taxes to the state. Why don't you live up to your name and quit your job and become an agorist.

C4SS produces some great literature and opinion. They are a worthy ally. And getting donations for producing articles that people enjoy reading is indeed a market activity, since they obviously produce something people value and people provide them with money to continue their work. I would simply appreciate if they solicited donations through more anonymous means, such as bitcoin, openTransactions, or other cryptographically secure online alternative currencies.

This Blog Has Moved!

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