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Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Example Of State Waste

This story was interesting. In mid-August, President Obama made a fundraising trip to Los Angeles. He raised approximately $2M for Democratic Congressional candidates.

However, the trip occurred during rush hour. Many commuters were inconvenienced. Roads were blocked to enable the President to travel quickly.

When the President travels, a large security team always accompanies. Local police earn overtime. Policemen in Los Angeles worked overtime, due to the visit.

The President earned a couple million dollars in campaign contributions. The cost of his security was *MUCH* more than that. Many commuters were inconvenienced.

The President always has a huge security team. This creates the illusion that the President is important. The reality is that the President is an interchangeable cog in the machinery of the State. He's just a figurehead, with no real power. If the President deviated from his brainwashing, he'd be Kennedy-ed.

It would have been cheaper to directly pay $2M to those candidates, rather than pay for the cost of the President's security and for the cost of inconveniencing people. However, that would be obviously too corrupt. Having the taxpayers pay for the security and inconvenience obfuscates the real cost.

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Scott said...

These trips are clearly for the purpose of advocating specific candidates. State funds should never be used to pay for partisan support. The entire cost of the trip, security, etc should have been paid either by the candidates themselves or the DNC. To the extent they were not, these activities are corrupt and fraudulent theft from the taxpayers in support of a specific party.

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