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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gilbert Arenas Fnord

This story is interesting. During an NBA practice, Gilbert Arenas had a dispute with a teammate. Arenas took out a gun and threatened him.

This story is an evil fnord. It's emphasizing the difference between insane statutory State law and natural law.

According to natural law, possessing a gun is not a crime. This story is an evil fnord reinforcing the illegitimate State ban on owning a weapon.

The violence monopoly is a key component of State evil. This evil fnord must be emphasized as often as possible.

Who has a valid complaint against Arenas? The player he threatened, Crittenton, has a possible complaint. As a private organization, the NBA has a complaint that Arenas broke their rules.

The two players would prefer to let the incident go and move on. However, once the State police pursue a criminal complaint, the victim no longer has the power to drop the issue. The State laws take precedence over the desires of the victim.

The NBA is a private business. However, the NBA has a State-backed monopoly. The players' CBA really is an adhesion contract, where each individual player has practically no bargaining power. The NBA penalty against Arenas is excessive for what is a relatively minor transgression. I wrote this draft before he was suspended. I moved up the draft when the suspension was announced. The rest of his contract will probably be terminated, citing the "morality clause". The fact that he isn't playing that well doesn't help either.

"You may not bring weapons to practice or at games!" is a reasonable rule, if there's otherwise adequate security. However, that would make Arenas' transgression civil and not criminal. Also, the penalty faced by Arenas is excessive. The NBA commissioner has to be strict and tough, because he's really a State agent.

It accomplishes nothing by sending Arenas to jail. He is not a violent criminal. It only reinforces the illegitimate State gun ban.

It's reasonable for the NBA to suspend or fine Arenas. A jail term is excessive and accomplishes nothing, except to reinforce State propaganda.

What right do State police have to steal from me via taxes, and use the profits to prosecute Arenas? I don't care whether he brought a gun to practice or not. Why should I be forced to pay the cost of his trial and jailing?

Arenas will probably accept a plea bargain, just like Plaxico Burress. That's another component of State evil. If you plea bargain, you get a lesser penalty than if you go to trial and lose. This is a huge incentive to avoid a trial and submit. Besides, neither Arenas nor his lawyer probably considered challenging the legitimacy of the State gun ban. They would not pursue a "jury nullification" defense, nor would the judge allow it if they tried.

Arenas doesn't have to explicitly make a "jury nullification" argument. He could just say "I'm not a violent criminal. There's no point sending me to jail." The judge would not even allow an argument like that. The judge would emphasize in the trial "The Rule of Law must be Obeyed! Jurors do not have the discretion to analyze the morality of the law or the morality of the punishment, just the facts of the case!" "Respect the Rule of Law" really means "Respect the arbitrary rules/taxes/regulations of State parasites!"

The Arenas story is a common evil fnord. This story reinforces the State weapons ban. The State weapons ban is important, because it makes the slaves dependent on the State police monopoly. The State weapons ban makes the slaves unable to defend themselves from State aggression.

Every law by State parasites is implicitly and explicitly backed by the threat "Obey or we will murder you!" For this reason, the victims must be kept unarmed. Healthcare "reform" is viewed with hostility, because the "reform" really is "Buy health insurance or we will murder you!"

Just like the "support our troops and police" fnord, the bigger the lie, the more often it must be repeated. "You need a permit to own a gun!" or "You are not allowed to own a gun!" is an important lie that must be repeated as often as possible.

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