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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Massachusetts Senate Race Fnords

My mother was all excited by coverage of the Massachusetts Senate race. It was a special election to fill Kennedy's seat. In a heavily Democratic state, there was an upset and the Republican candidate won.

Amusingly, the "special election" law was passed to block a Republican governor from appointing a replacement for Kerry, who was expected to be elected President. Without that law, the now-Democratic governor could have appointed a replacement, like occurred in NY to replace Clinton and Illinois to replace Obama.

This result should kill the healthcare "reform" law, which was really a corporate welfare law anyway. The correct answer, "repeal State licensing requirements for doctors", is never mentioned in the mainstream media.

I wonder if the Democrats lost on purpose? Ugly old person vs. charismatic young person is a recipe for failure. Now, an unpopular proposed law can be scrapped. This is a face-saving way for Democrats to end the "healthcare reform" debate.

Democrats and Republicans are false opposites. In 2008, the State propaganda was "The Republicans suck! Vote for a Democrat and things will get better!" Now, the propaganda is reversed, and the Republicans are the "outsiders" promising change and reform.

There's an oscillation. People get disgusted with Republicans and then they vote for Democrats. People get disgusted with Democrats and then they vote for Republicans. It's an illusion. Republicans and Democrats are almost the same, with only superficial differences.

The new crop of politicians have different faces than the now-discredited ones. However, they still all are State parasites. They still are pro-State trolls. Every politician believes "Taxation is not theft!" and "Government violence makes people's lives better!"

Every law and every tax is backed by violence. Otherwise, people would merely ignore the law or tax. That's why politicians are terrorists and parasites. A politician does not personally assault you to enforce the law. If politicians had to violently enforce the law themselves, then they might start noticing their crimes. By having the State thugs and State leaders be separate people, the details are abstracted away from the individual and it's easier to commit crimes.

Politicians help provide the illusion of legitimacy for the State. By having superficial arguments, that provides the slaves with the illusion that someone is advocating for their interests.

Elections are just a circus for the masses. Both candidates are always State insiders/parasites. Mainstream political debate is a distraction from the correct answer, which is "Taxation is theft!"

The Massachusetts election is an evil fnord saying "Those lousy Democrats are punished for making mistakes!" All that happens is one State parasite is replaced with another State parasite. The public face of the State changes, but the same insiders still control things. The 2008 election was the high point for the Democrats. Now, it's oscillating the other way.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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