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Monday, January 25, 2010

Johnny Lee Wicks

This story is interesting. A 66 year old man with a gun went into a Las Vegas federal building and shot some security guards. The guards then shot and killed him.

If you were abused by State parasites, getting a gun and shooting random people is pointless. Even if you could kill the specific State agents that injured you, they would just be replaced by someone else.

As South Park mentioned, you should not decapitate zombies left and right. Random violence against brainwashed slaves accomplishes nothing.

The mainstream media focuses on the details of what happened. They don't discuss much the important point, which is "Why was he angry?"

He was disgruntled about a decrease in his Social Security check. When he moved from California to Nevada, he lost a extra payment to California residents, due to the higher cost of living there. Nobody ever correctly explained that to him. Maybe that is not the real reason. Maybe that excuse was fabricated to make his concern seem stupid.

The correct answer was not published in the mainstream media. Social Security is one big Ponzi scam. All taxation is theft, including the Social Security tax.

This illustrates the fallacy of paying into a State welfare program. You pay taxes all your life. When you retire, the State parasites default. You can't do anything about it. You're old now!

Social Security is a huge profit center for State parasites. That's the real reason it's "politically untouchable". In every year of its existence, Social Security taxes collected exceeded benefits paid.

There is no Social Security trust fund. The wealth that backs previous Social Security taxes has already been spent by State parasites.

All there is in the Social Security trust fund is a stack of worthless IOUs. There will have to be future tax hikes or future inflation as those IOUs are spent.

The Social Security default will occur via higher inflation, benefit cuts, higher taxes, or a combination of all three. Every Ponzi scam must collapse eventually. Bernard Madoff wishes he were as skilled a criminal as the parasites running Social Security!

Most high-ranking State thugs are parasites. That's why Bernard Madoff got away with it for so long. State enforcers saw that he was a very skilled parasite. Therefore, he must be a decent guy. Bernard Madoff was doing what every other high-ranking State parasite does. He just was too flagrant and too greedy.

This year, there was no Social Security inflation adjustment. Real inflation is 20%-30% or more. This is, in effect, a benefit cut.

Mainstream media coverage of Johnny Lee Wicks contains some evil fnords. He is portrayed as a crazy person without a valid complaint. "Social Security is one big scam!" is not publicly discussed.

Also, the police who stopped him are portrayed as heroes. Therefore, all policemen are always heroes. The police did the right thing by stopping him. However, this story re-emphasizes another important evil fnord. "If you're disgruntled with the State, your only option is to get a gun and kill random State agents." This distracts people from more effective tactics, like agorism.

Wicks also claimed that the Social Security Administration was racist. This is another common evil fnord. Racism is an evil fnord that's used to divide and conquer the slaves. A mindless slave thinks "I'm the victim of racism!" instead of "State parasites are abusing me!" State parasites abuse everyone, regardless of race.

Another interesting bit is that Wicks was a "Tea Party Protester". Via the Strawman Fallacy, therefore all people who think "Taxation is theft!" are evil.

The important point in the story of Johnny Lee Wicks is not "Who did he shoot and when?" The real point is "Why was he so disgruntled that he thought this was his only recourse?" "Taxation is theft!" is never discussed on the mainstream media. "Social Security is one big Ponzi Scam!" is indirectly mentioned, but not explicitly like I say it.


fritz said...

Its now my understanding that you should never register your children at birth. And a child should never be given a social security number.

At the birth registration is where the factious corporate person is created by the state. One that is traded as surety for collateral with the international bankers by the government.

Once the child is of age he should approach the social security administration and discuss a social security contract. At this meeting one would say "I would love to sign a contract with you. Would anyone here guarantee that the money I put in will equal in value the money I will receive adjusted for inflation?"

Of course no one will. You are not refusing to get a social security number you are just refusing to enter a contract where the other party can't guarantee performance.

Its your common law right to work and charges can be filed for refusing employment based on lack of social security number.

But does anyone ever tell us call this the great deception of the state..


dionysusal said...

I'm splitting hairs here, but what you call the Strawman fallacy (actually a smokescreen) is often Assocoation/Transfer (a propaganda tactic). Association is defined as: associating what you want to promote with something people like, or something you want to criticize with something people dislike. Strawman is defined as: making your opponent’s argument seem ridiculous so that it is easily knocked down; caricature. When the mainstream media emphasises that someone who does something bad is a "tea party protester," they're trying to use Association.

Johnny Lee Wicks was the victim of the State's violence monopoly. The State believes it's okay to solve problems with violence. But he made the mistake of trying to solve *his* problems with violence. The State will never be truly defeated by using their tactics, which they've mastered. Even if a violent overthrow of the State was successful, it would be a case of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." The only way out is nonviolent noncooperation. The means *must be* consistent with the ends.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

In the United Kingdom, when you get old the State does default in certain circumstances.

If you need to go into a care home or old peoples' home and you have savings and a house, then the council will sell off your house to pay for your care!!!!

The fact that you have paid National Insurance, income tax and local council tax all your life is insignificant.

If you have money and a home, then the State will take it from you when you get old if you need care.

If you get some sort of mental incapacity when you get old, then a secret court will confiscate your assets and CHARGE YOUR RELATIONS to access your money, even if it is to care for you.

The Government doesn't widely tell people that to prevent the parasites getting control of your money you need to draw up a living will.

So basically you are correct. The State will default on having to pay for your care when you get old and if you need help, the bozos will sell off your house.

The only way to prevent the bozos stealing your money/defaulting is to have no money whatsoever i.e. be feckless and spendthrift.

PeaceableGuy said...

A quick Google search doesn't turn up any association between Wicks and the "Tea Party" folks, aside from some random drive-by comment which makes Wicks out to be a lifetime NRA member and law-abiding gun owner.

Do you have a source for info on Wicks' political involvements?

FSK said...

I remember reading some article on Johnny Lee Wicks being a "Tea Party" protester. I couldn't find it.

I found this article ( I remember reading it at the time I first read the story.

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