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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Healthcare "Reform" Marriage Penalty

This story is interesting. Just like the Federal income tax, the new healthcare "reform" proposal has a "marriage penalty".

If your income is below a certain threshold, you will receive State-subsidize health care premiums. However, the formula penalizes married couples.

For example, suppose two single people earn $25k each. If they get married, then they get a hike in their premium, because it's calculated on a base of $50k. The formula charges the married couple earning $50k more than two single each earning $25k.

Surprisingly, Republicans are not choosing to criticize this aspect of the plan. I thought they were supposed to be super-family-friendly?

The pro-State troll logic justifying the "marriage penalty" was amusing. "If there were no 'marriage penalty', then families with only one working parent get an 'unfair' tax cut." Most people probably wouldn't get married just for a small tax cut. If you get married for a tax cut, that's risky because there are lots of extra State-imposed costs on divorce.

Debating a "marriage penalty" is itself an evil fnord. The correct answer, "All taxation is theft!", is never discussed in the mainstream media or by politicians.

Debating "We should collect taxes fairly!" is an evil fnord. This distracts attention from the real issue. All taxation is theft. The only beneficiaries of taxation are State parasites.

The "marriage penalty" clause of the healthcare reform law is interesting. The whole debate is one big evil fnord. The real reason healthcare is expensive is due to the State/AMA licensing cartel for doctors, and other regulations. The problem is not "too much free market". The real problem is "Not enough free market!" As usual, via "Problem! Reaction! Solution!", there will be a new law/tax that restricts freedom and benefits insiders.

If you actually read the details, the "healthcare reform" law is really a corporate welfare law. The "marriage penalty" clause is merely one minor annoying detail in one big scam.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a video of Ron Paul saying health should be like mobile phones i.e. cheap enough for everybody to own and good quality.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at