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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Negative Knowledge Experts

I noticed a weird trend on and other discussion forums. It's a very common pattern. Someone says "Paul Krugman wrote an article on X. Why is he wrong?" Sometimes, it's another State-licensed "expert".

The answer invariably is "Paul Krugman is a shill for the State. He is reciting pro-State propaganda and not saying anything useful or intelligent." People waste a lot of time explaining why the State-backed expert is wrong.

Just because Paul Krugman won a Nobel ****sucking Prize, doesn't mean he has any useful skills or knowledge. All that proves is that he's skilled at reciting pro-State propaganda, and coming up with more convincing lies that justify State power.

The truth is not determined by a majority vote. Just because a group of brainwashed pro-State trolls selected someone as their leader, doesn't mean he actually knows anything useful.

The State presents certain people as experts. These people have less than zero knowledge. If you're skilled at reciting pro-State propaganda, then you know less than nothing.

There are many careers that suffer from the "Negative Knowledge Experts" problem.

  1. State-licensed thinkers, like economists and political science professors, know less than nothing. They don't understand basic ideas like "Taxation is theft!" and "The USA has an unfair monetary system!" Instead, they make up complicated-sounding excuses that justify State power.
  2. State-licensed psychiatrists are murderers.
  3. Drug researchers at pharmaceutical corporations and universities are harmful. They think they're performing innovative medical research. Instead, they're developing drugs that mask symptoms without treating the underlying illness.
  4. State-licensed lawyers and judges are experts on insane statutory State law. They know less than nothing about natural law. Most of them think that insane State law *IS* natural law.
  5. Politicians think that they're experts on telling everyone else how to live. Most new laws are written by lobbyists.
  6. Federal Reserve insiders are supposed to be experts in "managing monetary policy". In reality, they're giving free money to insiders via negative real interest rates and the Federal Reserve's cartel power to control interest rates and the money supply.
Most people accept the advice/propaganda of State-licensed experts, without questioning them. Most State-licensed experts are employed directly or indirectly by the State. They will always give the advice that increases State power.

Negative knowledge experts are a serious problem. Their body language is that of a true leader, because nobody around them questions their wisdom. Once you learn to think for yourself and look at the logic of what they say and write, it's obvious nonsense.

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This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at