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Thursday, January 14, 2010

November and December AdBrite Summary

I didn't make a December version of this, because I was busy with my new wage slave job.

According to Google Analytics, I had 5504 Absolute Unique Visitors in November and 5077 in December. That's slightly less than 5763 in October, but people go on vacation for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I made $6.68 in November and $7.69 in December. My eCPM rates were $0.22 in November and $0.25 in December.

According to Google Reader, I have 117 RSS subscribers. When I used FeedBurner, that number was about 50% of the total. AdBrite doesn't have an "ads in RSS feed" option.

I'm going to need a *LOT* more pageviews in order to seriously consider blogging as a full-time job. I'd need about 1000x more regular readers with those earning rates.

I should expand from blogging to other things. Right now, most of my time is going towards my wage slave job. Vlogging and "promote agorism via standup comedy" seem like the two most promising ideas.

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Greg C said...

It is difficult to make any money off "regular readers." Better to make it off searchers, at least in my experience.

I only average around $3/day from adbrite but I make a living from affiliate programs for actual products and services. As I've said before it's much harder in a niche with no natural fits as far as products/affiliates.

YOU could EASILY make a living blogging/IM. However, it is not likely from your personal agorist blog.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at