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Friday, January 15, 2010

Can You Pass a Turing Test?

One important idea from Artificial Intelligence is "Can you design a computer that can hold a conversation, where another person can't tell if it's a computer or another human?"

One reason this is hard is that you need special knowledge in order to properly parse an English sentence. For example, in "broken light bulb", "broken" modifies "bulb", but in "red light bulb", "red" modifies "light".

Another reason this is hard is that most/all humans are completely insane. An intelligent computer would have to also mirror the insanity of humans. For example, most humans believe "taxation is not theft". It's very hard to train a computer to recite pro-State propaganda, and simultaneously otherwise function normally.

If an impartial observer from another planet observed US politics, he might conclude "These are not intelligent lifeforms."

One of my favorite YouTube videos is the one where Jan Helfeld interviews Harry Reid about the income tax. In that video, Harry Reid clearly is failing a Turing Test. Normally, politicians don't do interviews with people who question their assumptions.

It's risky to mention my free-market beliefs, if the person listening is not receptive. For example, I can't go around telling my coworkers at a large US financial institution "You know, the US financial system is one big scam!"

I'm getting pretty good at noticing if someone is freedom-oriented or not. If they're receptive, I'll mention "Taxation is theft!" or "The USA has an unfair monetary system!" If not, I say nothing.

I'm also getting better at noticing "Does this person have the productive or parasitic personality type?" These skills would be really useful as an agorist, so I can avoid Statists.

A State-licensed psychiatrist knows less than nothing about mental health. A State-licensed economist knows less than nothing about really free markets. Their negative knowledge causes them to do evil, as they fraudulently present themselves as experts. They literally know less than nothing.

Most humans don't really qualify as an intelligent lifeform. They are severely crippled by their false beliefs and their pro-State brainwashing. Most human have less than zero knowledge. They can handle everyday tasks like crossing the street and tying their shoelaces, but they fail when thinking about issues of real importance.

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CorkyAgain said...

Um, I think both "broken light bulb" and "red light bulb" are instances of the same grammatical construction:


Although it is two words "light bulb" functions as if it were a single noun.

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