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Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Support the Soldiers and Police" Fnord

A common evil fnord is "Support the soldiers!" and "Support the police!" This fnord is broadcast over and over again. When General Petraeus stands next to John Elway before the Super Bowl, the fnord is "General Petraeus is as cool as John Elway!" instead of "General Petraeus is a mass-murderer!" A game show has a special episode where the contestants are soldiers or policemen. Holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Veteran's Day honor soldiers. At a baseball game, they play "God Bless America" and show a policeman patriotically saluting.

The message "Support the soldiers and police!" is repeated over and over again. This is not because it is obviously true. The repetition is necessary because it's a complete and total lie.

Watch very carefully for this fnord. It's subtly and flagrantly displayed almost all the time.

This is an example of "lie by repeated assertion". To promote an obviously false statement as true, you repeat it over and over again. As another example, a child sees all the adults around him saying how Christianity is the One True Religion. The child then mirrors their behavior. Humans aren't biologically equipped to handle the possibility "All the humans around me are completely insane!"

In a tribal society, if most of the people are reasonable, then following the majority is probably a good idea. If an idea really is good, then you'll be able to convince others of its merit. In a tribal society, if the leader is unreasonable, then you can go form your own tribe. In the present, State restriction of the market makes it very hard to tell your corporate employer "**** you! I'm starting a competing business!" When there is massive pro-State brainwashing, then a follow-the-majority mentality leads to disaster. In the present, the mainstream media can convince people that a lie is true, by repeating it over and over again. Anybody who suggests that soldiers and police are not heroes is roundly decried in the mainstream media.

One of the reasons insiders created the Federal government was that they had a hard time stopping Shay's Rebellion, which occurred just before the Federal government was created. Shay's rebellion caused insiders to be concerned that they lacked power to forcibly collect taxes. In order to consolidate and expand their tax collection power, insiders created the Federal government. In Shay's Rebellion, farmers were angry that, after fighting against Great Britain, they still were facing a crushing taxation burden from their local governments. Judges were foreclosing on farms for failing to pay property taxes, and farmers were resisting the foreclosure. In State brainwashing centers (school), you learn that the people in Shay's Rebellion were bad guys, but they actually were the heroes because they were resisting taxes.

The first time that George Washington used Federal military power was to put down a tax revolt. The first usage of the US military was to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion. People were refusing to pay the tax on alcohol. Instead of politely explaining to them their patriotic duty to pay taxes/tribute, the solution was to use violence to force them to pay. Actually, the Whiskey Rebellion was not really that successful in a military sense. Most of the people protesting the tax escaped. However, this military action were retconned as spectacularly successful.

There's an interesting quote from Alexander Hamilton (paraphrasing). "A government does not exist until violence is used to force people to pay taxes. In the Whiskey Rebellion, the Federal government used violence to force people to pay taxes. Therefore, the new Federal government is a success." Remember that Alexander Hamilton probably was an agent for the banksters. One of his first acts as Treasury secretary was to form a central bank.

One of the main roles of police and soldiers is that they are tax collectors. Police agencies such as the FBI are responsible from collecting taxes from US citizens. Local police enforce the collection of property taxes and sales taxes. Soldiers are a type of tax collector that affects people who live outside the USA; most wars benefit the interests of insiders. By having a large standing army of police and soldiers, State bureaucrats may use them to forcibly collect taxes. By cracking down on freedom seekers one at a time, and hyping the State successes, this creates an illusion of State omnipotence and omniscience. Police do other things besides collect taxes. Otherwise, the policemen themselves would become aware of the scam.

Soldiers and policemen are trained to obey orders without questioning them. If a State bureaucrat or judge orders the soldiers or police to do something, then they obey the order without questioning it.

One reason that the evils of the State persist is that the responsibility for evil is distributed. By distributing the responsibility for evil among many people, evil acts can occur easily. No individual feels personally responsible, because they're just a cog in a machine.

  1. Politicians make laws. However, they're really just doing what their lobbyists and advisers order them to do.
  2. The mainstream media manufactures hype demanding certain laws, or justifying laws that already exist. This is the "manufacturing consent" process. Democracy and all governments provide an incentive to brainwash the vast majority to be fools.
  3. Public schools brainwash children regarding the legitimacy of the State.
  4. Bureaucrats figure out how the laws will be enforced. Bureaucrats go around looking for people who are breaking the arbitrary decrees of the politicians. This is profitable, because the bureaucrat's salary is paid via taxes.
  5. Judges give orders to kidnap or assault people who are determined to be breaking a law. Some State bureaucrats have the power to order a violent raid without getting a judge's approval first. Bureaucrats at the DEA and Department of Homeland Security have broad discretion to do whatever they want.
  6. Lawyers argue whether an individual deserves to go to jail or not, or whether he deserves to lose his property or not. Lawyers don't typically argue "Is this law immoral!" A State-licensed lawyer is barred from mentioning "jury nullification" in court. Lawyers create the illusion that someone is advocating for the victims. Most/all criminal defense defense attorneys are paid hourly; they get paid the same whether their client goes to jail or is acquitted. If you are the victim of State violence, but the State enforcers lose in the trial, you still don't receive reimbursement for the time and money wasted. This enables the bad guys to use the legal system to harass and threaten people.
  7. Police use violence to impose the will of the judges and bureaucrats and politicians.
Without the police, the politicians would be a bunch of idiots speaking nonsense. Without the police, the judge would just be a crazy guy in a robe. Without the police, the State bureaucracy would be irrelevant.

The police are the most important part of the State. They're the part where violence is used to impose the will of the parasite class. For this reason, it is important to brainwash the police to obey orders without questioning them. The other cogs in the Matrix are also brainwashed to obey orders without questioning. The smooth functioning of the evils of the State requires everyone willing to politely perform their role without thinking.

Police function as tax collectors. Police are paid via tax receipts. This places police in an obviously conflicted situation. Most policemen won't question the legitimacy of the State, because it's their paycheck and the source of their power. If you're an independent thinker, then the police recruitment process filters you out. When you apply for a policeman job, you must take an intelligence test. If you score too highly, then you are rejected!

Some people pay taxes because they're clueless. They can't imagine things any other way. Others pay taxes because they are afraid of the State. They don't want to be kidnapped, assaulted, or have their property stolen. With police as armed thugs, the government is really a massive terrorist organization.

A pro-State troll says "You should be grateful for the police and soldiers! They're risking their lives to protect you!" My response is that I'm perfectly willing to pay the fair free market price for security and defense. I object to being forced at gunpoint to pay for a monopoly provider of security. That obviously leads to high prices and low quality.

In the present, the State directly charges me 50% of my labor via the income tax, and a greater amount via indirect hidden taxes. That's a steep price to pay for security and defense. The true free market price for these services is almost definitely less than what the State monopoly charges me.

A pro-State troll says "If you refuse to pay taxes to support the police, then you're free-riding off everyone else!" The reality is that I am a forced rider. I am forced to pay for State police, whether I am satisfied with the quality and price or not. The people who are forcing me to pay for State police are the police themselves.

A pro-State troll says "You don't work as a policeman or soldier. Therefore, you have no right to criticize the police or military." My retort is that you don't work as FSK. Therefore, you have no right to criticize what I do. As a slave software engineer, it is very common to have people with zero knowledge of software criticizing your actions. I've had good non-technical managers and bad non-technical managers. If the workers in industry X are barred from criticism outside industry X, then that means there is absolutely no accountability when they do a bad job.

The people who have such lucrative arrangements are those whose careers are backed by State violence. Doctors are usually judged by other doctors. Lawyers are usually judged by other lawyers. University professors are usually judged by other university professors. Police are only judged by other police. The common theme is that all of these professions have their profits backed by State violence. The market is not a factor. For software engineering, there are no State barriers to entry. When most people have parasite roles where their profits are backed by State violence, then the people who do useful work have a very bad deal.

One of my favorite non-crimes is "Disobeying the orders of a policeman." If a policeman orders you to do something, and you refuse, then the policeman may arrest you merely for disobeying him. Such a rule should only be invoked if you are involved in another crime. Another time when it's acceptable to invoke such a rule is if there's a fire or other emergency, but even in an emergency the monopolistic State police don't always give useful help. For example, workers in the World Trade Center were ordered to return to their desk after an airplane struck the neighboring building. The workers who obeyed this order died, but those who ignored the order and left anyway survived.

Police and soldiers are evil, because they blindly obey orders without questioning them. They blindly enforce illegitimate laws. Police enforce many non-crimes such as selling certain drugs, prostitution, gambling, driving a taxi without a permit, or performing other work without a license from the State. A policeman is brainwashed to not think "Is the law I'm enforcing a good law or a bad law?"

A debt contract with a bank is not a valid contract, because the bank merely printed new money and lent it to you. The banker performs no tangible work when he issues the loan. It's a statistical necessity built into the rules of the monetary system that a certain number of people will lose their houses during each recession. When a policeman evicts someone from their house for not paying their mortgage, he is really working for the banking cartel. The cost of enforcing illegitimate debt contracts is externalized from the financial industry to the State. In a very real sense, the police are a private army working for the banksters.

Income taxes force people to use slave points as money; other forms of money are illegal or heavily taxed. Income taxes prevent people from boycotting the financial industry and the Federal Reserve. Wealth is collected in taxes and paid in interest on the national debt; this wealth winds up in the pockets of the banksters. Effectively, this makes the IRS and FBI a private collection agency working for Goldman Sachs.

Just because the monetary system is corrupt doesn't mean that you should borrow as much money as you can and refuse to pay. The correct response to a corrupt system is to boycott it as much as feasible. However, I am sympathetic to the people who were tricked by the housing bubble and then lost their homes and their savings. When buying a house, you'd be a fool to not use leverage via a mortgage. Via negative real interest rates, a mortgage contains a massive State subsidy. However, if you refinance your mortgage whenever property values rise and take out the biggest mortgage you can, then you risk losing everything during the next recession. Negative real interest rates send a false price signal that borrowing to buy a house is desirable.

The laws regarding debt collection by a bank are illegitimate, because the monetary system is corrupt. The rules of the monetary system guarantee a certain number of bankruptcies during each recession.

The most illegitimate laws are those involving taxes. Without taxes, none of the other evils of the State could occur.

When a State bureaucrat determines that you owe unpaid taxes, the police are the one who enforce the decision. The police are the ones who come to kidnap you, assault you, or steal your property.

Once you realize "Taxation is theft!", it's obvious that government is merely a massive extortion racket. The police are the thugs who carry out the theft. Insiders allow the government to provide other "services", because this provides an illusion of legitimacy for the State. Each "service" provided by government is really an opportunity for insiders to loot and pillage. Police are the ones who make the looting and pillaging possible.

If the police went door-to-door every month and demanded 50% of your paycheck and 3% of your savings, then you would obviously object. When you lose 50% of your paycheck via a payroll deduction, you don't notice. When you lose 2%-3% of your savings every month due to inflation, you don't notice. Income taxes are backed by State violence. People who attempt to operate a business without paying tribute to the State/IRS wind up raided by the FBI. People who attempt to operate alternate monetary systems wind up raided by the FBI, as occurred with the Liberty Dollar and E-Gold. The income tax and the inflation tax are 100% backed by police violence. Most people pay without resisting, and so they don't notice the scam.

Everyone has an obligation to make sure that they're doing the right thing. "I was following orders!" is not a valid defense. The State allows great evils to occur, when all the participants are merely following orders. Politicians obey the orders of lobbyists and mainstream media hype. State bureaucrats obey the rules and procedures of the bureaucracy.

Judges must obey the orders of higher-ranking judges. Supreme Court judges must obey the decisions of previous Supreme Court judges and the orders of the politicians who supported them. Police must obey the orders of judges.

Of all the participants in the scam, the police bear the most responsibility. Without the police, the whole scam falls apart. The rest of the State bureaucracy takes different forms in different countries and at different times, but the police violence monopoly is the common element of all governments.

Once you realize "Taxation is theft!" and "People are individually responsible for what they do!", then it's obvious that police are not defenders of freedom. They are armed thugs participating in a massive extortion racket. Even if nobody ever explained "Taxation is theft!" to a policeman, he's still responsible. Every adult is individually responsible for what they do.

In this post, I don't make much distinction between police and soldiers. They're practically the same. Local police are increasingly behaving like military units. Soldiers are performing police-like duties in foreign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

The mainstream media repeats the evil fnord "Support our soldiers and police!" as often as possible. The continuous repetition is necessary, not because it's obviously true, but because it's a humongous lie.


theftthroughinflation said...

I like how you bring up manufacturing consent in this post. On the radio the other morning they said "more Canadians are willing to get the swine flu vaccine now then 2 months ago". In that time there have been no studies proving the vaccine is 100% effective and safe; therefore the only difference is the amount of government/media propaganda people have seen since. People don't question anything. At work we had a debate about that shot, I try not to talk about my views because to the zombies they are "extreme". DUring the discussion people who support the vaccine were accusing those who did not want to get it of being selfish and risking others. I think many people will get the vaccine out of this kind of guilt. Its possible they will start trying to vaccinate people by force, I'm slightly worried about that, however I think the state is too inefficent to firgure out who took it and who did not.

Joseph Gobbels made an interesting quote about consent:
"“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Whats interesting is that even pro-state zombies would agree that tyrannical regiemes like Nazi Germany, USSR, North Korea etc... are immoral and they can't believe the people living then didn't do something. If you suggest maybe the people of Nazi Germany were like us you will getlaughed at. People purposely try to avoid thinking about the cold truth.

Anonymous said...

Not only there is a "Support the Soldiers and Police" Fnord, but also "Police does dangerous job and risk their life" Fnord.A parasite sponsored report called Fatalities to Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters(1999) finds that "Police and firefighters face unique job hazards. They are more likely than other workers to die violently–from gunshots, vehicle accidents, and fire related incidents. Their risk of suffering a fatal incident is three times greater than for all workers."
Please notice, that for whatever reason the authors consider "police" and "firefighters" together. This sounds like these two categories are similar, whereas they are not. According to the report itself, if considered separately, both police and firefighters have fatality rate which is much lower than in other occupations. For example, the report says that fataility rate for "police and detectives" is 14 per 100,000, virtually all other occupations(excerpt electricians 12.1 per 100,000) have fatality rate which is higher than that, for example for truck drivers fatality rate is 27.9, for construction workers this rate is 41.1 per 100,000. As we can see, being employed by the police is one of the most safest jobs one can imagine and there is no reason to believe that police officers risk their life anymore than people in other occupation

FSK said...

This is known as "Stimpson's Paradox".

The canonical example is "Baseball player A has a higher batting average than B in the first half of the season and the second half of the season. However, player B has a higher batting average for the whole season."

Another example is "University X admits more men by percentage than women. However, for each individual department, University X accepts more women by percentage." This occurred in an actual sex discrimination lawsuit. What happened is that men applied to less-competitive fields like Math and Science while women applied to super-competitive fields like the humanities.

The researcher either intentionally knew the bias, or was lazy. This is the fallacy of State-supported research. Then, fake research is touted as absolute fact.

Stimpson's paradox also occurs in drug trials.

A incident where a lot of firemen happen to die could inflate the statistics. Combining firemen and policemen is combining apples and oranges.

I didn't know that "Police is a dangerous job!" is an evil fnord. When a policeman does die on the job, it's heavily hyped, creating a distorted impression.

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