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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Was Michael Jackson Murdered?

If a woman dies in a hospital waiting room, nobody cares. When Michael Jackson died due to inappropriate medical care, it's a big deal.

Michael Jackson's doctor didn't kill him on purpose. It wasn't murder in that sense. Michael Jackson died due to his doctor's negligence.

When I first read this story, my initial reaction was "Michael Jackson's doctor is being unfairly scapegoated." Michael Jackson's doctor probably followed "generally accepted medical practices". The real problem is that "generally accepted medical practices" are defective.

Michael Jackson was addicted to sleeping pills. The "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is a fraud. Treating a sleeping disorder with drugs masks the symptoms and doesn't cure the underlying problem.

Over time, sleeping pills lose their effectiveness. A bigger and bigger dose is needed for the same effect. Your body starts to compensate for the drugs.

Michael Jackson demanded his doctor give him an injection of a strong sleeping drug. If the doctor refused, then Michael Jackson probably would have fired his doctor and hired another doctor. This injection probably was the cause of death.

Michael Jackson was killed by the cumulative addiction to sleeping drugs over months/years. The injection that killed him was merely the final nail in the coffin. All the doctors who ever prescribed Michael Jackson sleeping pills are partially responsible for his death.

During times of stress, you have trouble sleeping. The correct treatment is to take no drugs at all. Eventually, you will fall asleep due to your own exhaustion.

Already addicted to sleeping pills, Michael Jackson should have stopped taking them altogether. Of course, a doctor would not advise a patient to do that. The withdrawal will be *NASTY*, but quitting cold-turkey is the best way to end an addiction. At low doses, anti-psychotic drugs have different effects, but not zero effects. That's the flaw in the "taper off gradually" solution usually mentioned.

"Generally accepted medical practice" is "Treat an illness with drugs that mask the symptoms!" This is not genuine medicine.

Michael Jackson had a sleeping problem. His doctor was brainwashed that proper treatment is to give the patient drugs. In one sense, the doctor is not responsible, because he was brainwashed; he couldn't tell the difference between drugs and genuine medicine. Everyone is individually responsible for what they do, and so the doctor is responsible. The doctor told Michael Jackson that he was a State-licensed expert, but he really was a fraud. The doctor was unaware of his own foolishness, but that isn't a valid excuse.

If it wasn't a high-profile victim like Michael Jackson, then nobody would have accused the doctor of misconduct. Each year, millions of people are hurt/murdered by inappropriate medical care. It's only an issue in Michael Jackson's case because he's a big celebrity.

Michael Jackson's doctor is blamed. The specific drug he took is blamed. The corrupt system of "Treat illness with drugs!" is not questioned.

If Michael Jackson had been assassinated by someone with a gun, then the public outcry would be "We need stricter gun control laws!" When he dies due to a negligent doctor, the outcry is "Blame the individual doctor! Blame the individual drug!"

That is the way the State propaganda engine works. When the problem is a bad individual, then the solution is to blame individual freedom and pass new laws restricting freedom. When the problem is a corrupt system, then the individual is blamed and not the corrupt system. This evil fnord is repeated over and over again.


fritz said...

I hope people come away with this thought. Its not the state,its not the doctors and its not the drugs. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The man had the power to hire any Doctor he chose, to offer him any drug he chose, when ever he chose. He just didn't have the power to not chose to use drugs.Because he didn't have self control. He killed himself.

Just like some one speeding. Most of the time everything is ok. But sometimes the car goes out of control and someone dies.


Anonymous said...

Either way Michael will be missed, He is a talented musician.

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