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Monday, September 28, 2009

Interesting Healthcare Reform Bill Provisions

I noticed some interesting provisions in the healhcare reform bill (cited elsewhere). I don't have time to read all 1000+ pages of the law. Plus, each draft keeps changing. I did notice some interesting bits discussed elsewhere.

This bit was interesting.

If you don't have adequate health insurance coverage, you owe tax equal to the what your health insurance premium would have been. The IRS is responsible for collecting this tax.

This sucks for a would-be agorist. If you only have off-the-books income, you're still forced to enroll in the State health insurance plan. The only solution is to claim no on-the-books income and get the State plan via welfare. If you want to see an agorist doctor, you're still forced to pay for the State plan.

That makes it hard for an agorist to fly under-the-radar. The only option is to declare no on-the-books income, while simultaneously enrolling in the State welfare plan.

This bit was also interesting. (I didn't even understand what the text was saying. Notice how the law says "Strike this sentence and add another sentence.", making it incomprehensible. This is what the other site said that provision meant.)

High-deductible policies are illegal. You can't purchase a cheap health insurance police with a high deductible. Your insurance policy must cover everything, including routine care.

That's missing the point of insurance. Insurance is supposed to be protection against disasters, and not to cover everything. "Insurance" that covers routine medical expenses isn't insurance.

This illustrates an important point about the "healthcare reform" law. The IRS will be responsible for making sure everyone has health insurance or pays the equivalent tax. "The healthcare reform law gives more power to the IRS!" is a criticism I don't hear mentioned.

I don't have time to read every draft of the healthcare reform law. I'd also have to read the laws being amended, in order to fully understand it. I doubt many Congressmen bother reading the law either. It is offensive that big laws are passed, yet almost no Congressmen actually read them first!

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Anonymous said...

In the United Kingdom, two policewoman gave birth at about the same time. The two new mothers decided to look after each others' children.

Due to new law, the mothers were told they were running an illegal baby sitting operation and told to stop on pain of prosecution. They were also told the government may spy on them to make sure they don't look after each others' babies.

This is due to a law that states nobody can gain a "reward" from babysitting. The "reward" here was free babysitting from the other mother in exchange.

It is a fair bet this absurd law got passed because the UK Members of Parliament didn't read the law before it was passed.

One of the policewoman only earns something like 800 - 900 pounds a month. Now she has to pay something like 300 pounds a month for a babysitter. The new mother plans to claim government benefit because she can't really afford a paid babysitter on her salary.

Basically the taxpayer will have to pay for this absurdity.

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