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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why is the Crime Rate in NYC Rising?

As part of Obama's stimulus package, $1B was earmarked to pay for salaries of local police departments.

NYC was declared ineligible, because the crime rate was too low.

A few weeks later, I saw a series of articles saying "Crime rates in NYC are rising!"

I wonder if there's a correlation?

In effect, the NYPD was punished for having crime rates too low.

If you're a State bureaucrat controlling police, paradoxically you *WANT* high crime rates. Then, you can say "Crime rates are too high! Spend more money on police!"

If crime rates are low, people start saying "Crime rates are low. I guess we can cut the police department's budget!"

The problem is that State police have an absolute monopoly. It makes no difference if they are efficient or inefficient. As this story indicates, efficiency is actually punished and inefficiency is rewarded.


Ajlouny said...

Crime rate could be low because the police were probably doing their job by keeping the streets of New York clean and crime free. Now this maybe effecting their limited resources.

fritz said...

I have this feeling that the N.Y.P.D. can manipulate crime statistics to an extent. If they want people to think they are safe, The crime rate is low. If they want government assistance the crime rate is rising.

Its a matter of how they file,book, and prosecute cases.


Romare said...

There are so many unreported shootings and killings its ridiculous. I say this because as a fellow local I've seen it with my own eyes. I've always thought of compstat as a vehicle for nypd's propaganda, they're ALWAYS fixing the stats.

Anonymous said...

Great poll on Facebook called the "Archist poll." The question was "Is a geographically monopolistic government (i.e. the modern State) the best solution to the problems it proposes to fix?"

People are waking up.

Joe said...

Here come the 70s again

This Blog Has Moved!

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