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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pathetic Losers at the G-20 Meeting

There's another G-20 meeting coming up in Pittsburgh later this month. As usual, idiots are planning a bunch of pointless riots and protests.

A bunch of amateur protesters against para-military police is no contest. The police win that confrontation easily.

Even if the vast majority of protesters plan to be nonviolent, the State will plant "agent provocateurs" in the protest group. The State spies will goad people into becoming violent. If you have a peaceful group of people, and one person throws a rock at police, then that creates the illusion that police are justified retaliating violently. A large nonviolent protest is *IMPOSSIBLE* (unless explicitly sanctioned by the State).

Plus, there are individuals who go to such gatherings *SPECIFICALLY* for the opportunity to behave violently, even if they aren't deliberately planted State spies.

Riots and protests are a waste of time. A protest is a collection of slaves petitioning their masters to be less cruel.

The protesters are also required to apply for a permit. If you're applying for a State license for your protest, then you're really a pathetic loser.

Some people think "I'll go to that event to promote agorism!" That's stupid. I can more easily promote agorism by blogging or on a street corner, than by going to such a protest. It's stupid for an agorist to specifically go somewhere where a lot of police and violence are expected.

Those G-20 meetings themselves are evil fnords. The real decisions are made behind the scenes, by insiders who don't attend the meeting. The people actually attending the meeting are slave-puppets. They're merely publicly ratifying the decisions that insiders made ahead of time.

Meetings like the G-20, IMF, WTO, etc. are merely evil fnords. They're designed to give stupid protesters a target for their frustrations. The real insiders make the real decisions before the meeting. Anybody you see at such a meeting is actually a slave-puppet, following the agenda chosen by their masters.

The bad guys promote such protests, as a distraction. People waste their energy rioting and protesting, instead of doing something useful like agorism. A protest might make you feel better, but it accomplishes nothing.


fritz said...

I like this one Fsk..and its well to the point. We are losing our rights because most of us didn't know what they were in the first place. To apply for a permit is to beg.
Look at us all running around like mad slaves who weren't free from the beginning.
I would be so much more satisfied if people would attend a wake up rally. Than to protest actions their masters were participating in.

give the antiterrorist a watch on you tube. The mask is hard to watch but the content is good.


George Donnelly said...

Agreed, except calling people names just creates division. Using reasoned arguments has the potential to change *and* make friends. :)

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My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at