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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pyscho Donuts

The story of "Pycho Donuts" is amusing. A store called itself "Psycho Donuts". Mental health advocacy groups are now advocating that the store be closed. They are organizing riots and protests. They are lobbying the State to force the store to change its name.

Recall that "mental health advocacy groups" are really fronts for pharmaceutical corporations. Does that mean that the owners of the "Psycho Donuts" store are the real victims?

I don't care whether such a store opens or not. People who don't care aren't going to protest.

I tried to figure out why the homicide industry would be offended by such a store. I see why the psychiatry/death industry is offended by "Psycho Donuts". It presents mental illness as something not-scary. Official State propaganda is "People labeled with a 'mental illness' are **BAD** and must be forcibly drugged." The theme of the store contradicts official State propaganda, and therefore it must be closed.

It seems like a clever publicity stunt. I predict that this will end in the store being violently shut down by the State.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The reason they want the store to be politically correct is because they are afraid people with "mental illness" will be ashamed of their condition and will not come forward to get treatment (AKA drugs). I dont think they want it to be seen as bad - they want it to be seen as "normal" so people don't stay in the closet. That way people can spend alot of money on expensive drugs the way they do advil or tylenol.

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