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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is the Truth Spreading?

I performed a very interesting experiment.

Google allows you to search for a specific date range. I searched for "taxation is theft" (with quotes) for various time periods.

Apr 2009 - 72 results
Oct 2008 - 54 results
Apr 2008 - 29 results
Oct 2007 - 32 results
Apr 2007 - 24 results
Oct 2006 - 16 results
Apr 2006 - 16 results

Q2 2009 - 358 results
Q1 2009 - 305 results
Q4 2008 - 299 results
Q3 2008 - 185 results
Q2 2008 - 90 results
Q1 2008 - 82 results

The number of search results for "Taxation is theft" is increasing over time. That's a good sign. I did a similar search for "agorism". The results were similar, but I didn't post them here.

That might be biased, because older pages might get removed from the hosting website. Plus, the total volume of pages on the Internet is also increasing exponentially. If a page is updated, it'll show up in the timeframe it was last updated. I tried to avoid that bias by not including current webpages in my search.

A lot of those references were denouncing people who believe "Taxation is theft!"

Even if someone is saying "People who believe 'Taxation is theft!' are fruitcakes!", that's still progress. Going from no citations at all, to people denouncing it as a stupid belief, is progress.

The volume and quality of free market thinking on the Internet is definitely increasing.

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This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at