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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Woman Mudered in Kings County Hospital

This story is interesting (available via many other sources). A woman died while being held prisoner in the psychiatric ward admissions room in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. It was caught on videotape.

The most insensitive people I've ever met are the psych ward admissions people and psych ward staff. They are totally desensitized to the suffering of their patients. They are totally willing to abuse people. They treat the patients like objects/cattle. Their assumption is "If this person deserved to be treated like a human, then they wouldn't be in the psych ward."

Typically, after being admitted, you are injected with a strong drug that renders you docile/immobile or makes you forget things. This woman may have been under the effect of such a drug.

To me, the most offensive part was that the hospital staff falsified their records. They said the woman was awake and alert a few minutes before dying, which was clearly contradicted by the evidence on the videotape.

I know what the hospital staff is really thinking. "We should have done a better job destroying evidence and that videotape."

The ultimate problem for abuse by psychiatrists is sovereign immunity. Psychiatrists are absolutely immune from prosecution when they mistreat their patients, because they're following "standard professional practices".

The usual solution was applied. "Fire the employees involved in the murder, but don't fix the underlying problem in the system." The presumption is that, because the hospital's head psychiatrist was fired, the problem was fixed.

If I were on a jury, I'd award punitive damages that would bankrupt the hospital. Unfortunately, no judge will allow this. The woman's heirs will be lucky to get $1M-$5M, which is a pittance compared to the true cost of the hospital's abuses. They do this with practically every patient, and not just that woman.

I see many "mental health patient" advocate groups petitioning the State for redress of grievances. The State is telling them repeatedly to go **** themselves. These petitioners are slaves/cattle petitioning their masters to be less cruel. They should shift their focus to agorism.

It is pointless to petition the State to fix a State-caused problem that people are profiting from. The psychiatrist/murder industry and the pharmaceutical/homicide industry won't give up their State-granted gravy train.


barry b. said...


about 18 year ago my parents divorced and one of my older brothers was severly mentally retarded. My father wanted custody so he could keep him at home and see to his well being. My mother and grandmother had other plans. They conversed with the judge to have him placed in Ellisville State School in Mississippi. My father was very upset about these arrangements but could do nothing. After about 3 weeks we went to check on him. The workers seemed very surprised that a parent had showed up. We were greeted at the door by a screaming large man who went screaming down through the halls as we walked. My brother was in a back room with the lights turned laying down. We woke him up and he smiled to see us. He was still covered in hair from a haircut he'd received earlier in the day. About a month later the state school called to say my brother had a 'bump' on his head. My father left immediately and found my brother in very bad shape. His entire forehead and half his face was severly swollen with oozing cuts on his forehead. His left eye was swole shut. Turns out he'd gotten shingles. They told my father their state hospital had checked on him and said it was just a 'bump'. My father picked my brother up and carried him out. Though the state workers said he couldn't do that, he quickly explained about the law suit they were about to have at their front door. My brother spent a week at the hospital recovering. I don't know what other torments he experienced because he can't talk. My dad's doctor told my father he'd gladly write a letter to the judge explaining that another round at the state hospital would quickly kill my brother.

That was 18 years ago. Yesterday I had lunch with my father and brother - they live next door....

Joey said...

My gosh, Barry, that is some truly horrible stuff. How do you feel about your mother and your father when it comes to this and what is like talking to your mother and father after such horrible things were done to your brother?

barry b. said...

I admire my father for his devotion to family. He's a man that has sacraficed his independence and livlihood so that another could have a little taste of life. I don't blame my mother, she suffered heavily from mental illness herself and today is much better. However, my grandmother knew better. What bothers me the most about the matter is that my grand parents at the time (and still to this day) run a personal care home where they take care of other families elderly mentally ill. I still visit them on holidays. I love them but don't have to like them...

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