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Monday, September 7, 2009

August AdBrite Summary

August was a decent month for me. I made $9.31 from AdBrite. I got about 20% more traffic compared with July *AND* my eCPM rates went up by 50% to around $0.90.

Are rising eCPM rates a sign that the recession is ending? It's hard to say, because most of my AdBrite income comes from one or two spammy CPC ads. I'm looking for ways to get more relevant ads. Both AdSense and AdBrite have lousy ad targeting. At least AdBrite has some non-spammy ads.

I had 5005 Absolute Unique Visitors in August, compared with 3784 in July. That's my highest single month since March 2009. It's still less than my all-time record of 6887 in October 2008.

In term of traffic, my growth seems to have stalled. I've been about flat for a year now. It's hard to say exactly. My blog should be interesting to most members of the Remnant, but it takes awhile to attract an audience.

I'm looking to expand from blogging into other things. It's obvious that blogging isn't going to lead to a full-time income by itself. For now, I'm going to stick with my wage slave job. In a year or two, I'll start looking to expand.

Even if my blogging income were $0, blogging is worth it because I got to polish and refine my ideas.

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robert30062 said...

Get FSK, it's Robert. Long time no comment from me but I wanted to say that checking your blog every day after noon has been a mainstay of truth every single day for God knows how long. I have also referred many friends to your site as well. There's a guy in my office whose friend was arrested two years ago for not paying his taxes. He barricaded himself in his house and the IRS exploded his door and have him a violent beating, this was done because he was a "suspected terrorist". It is obvious that the bankers are the rulers when one resists the immoral income and other taxes which maintain the central bank cartel's corrupt monetary system. No surprise however that most people are shocked to hear that the thug arm of the bankers, the IRS "law enforcement team" is one of the most heavily armed State squads in the world. Please don't stop this blog, you are a patriot and your work is contributing to the movement which will lead us to true free market agorism and natural freedom. Thank you for all that you do, keep up the good fight.


This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at