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Monday, June 15, 2009

Video Game Evil vs. Real World Evil

In a video game, your character fights very weak enemies initially. You character fights stronger and stronger enemies, gaining experience along the way. The enemies are even nice enough to carry items that your character can use! The strongest enemy is saved for the end.

Similarly, in movies, the hero may fight weak enemies initially. The hero progresses to stronger and stronger enemies as he gains power and confidence. For example, in "Bleach", the main character fights stronger and stronger enemies.

If you had to fight the strongest enemy at the beginning, then you would have no chance at all!

Fighting real world evil is not the same as fighting video game evil. In the real world, you face the strongest enemies initially, right away.

For example, if State police decide to raid someone's house, they don't first send a weak officer, and then if this fails a team of 3-5 people, and later a full assault team. The State police send a full military-style raid right away.

If someone starts seeing the Matrix, they don't see the whole thing right away. Initially, you only see bits and pieces. Their first belief is "I must be defective. It can't possibly be true that everyone around me is completely insane!" They are then referred to the mental health/murder industry. A State therapist might try to re-pro-State brainwash them. If necessary, the victim will be forcibly drugged, interrupting their body's natural healing process. The Matrix uses its strongest tactics right away, to silence those who start seeing the truth.

If you start realizing "Taxation is theft!", "The USA has a corrupt monetary system!", or "Government is one massive scam!", you might try to tell your ideas to the people around you. However, 99.9%+ of the population are clueless. They will get offended when you question their false beliefs, and they will try to silence you. None of the people around you will agree with you, so you'll stop questioning the State. Unless you're really persistent and sure of yourself, you'll let the pro-State trolls around you re-brainwash you, when you start sensing the truth.

In this manner, the Internet has been very useful. Even though 99.9%+ of the population are clueless, the Internet allows the Remnant to share information. Even though none of my friends or co-workers or relatives understand the truth, I've been able to meet some people who understand through the Internet.

I've made a lot of progress training my ability to think properly. I'm able to think logically about economics and politics, seeing it as a massive scam. I'm also more consciously aware of my emotions, and the attempts of others to manipulate me. I can see the fnords pretty clearly now.

The State isn't just about government. It's also about the corrupt nature of productive/parasitic relationships. I didn't just have false conscious beliefs, such as "Government protects individual freedom!" or "The President and Congress do the best they can to 'manage the economy'." I also had false emotional beliefs, about the proper way to think and feel and act. Parasites were usually able to emotionally manipulate me, making me think and feel how they wanted me to feel. I'm mostly resistant to the manipulations of parasites now. That is a problem when interviewing for a wage slave job, because there's always a parasite on the hiring committee!

I haven't yet achieved physical freedom. Mental freedom is an important first step. For now, I probably will get another wage slave software engineer job, while working towards promoting agorism in my spare time. I need to help other people achieve mental freedom first. I can't achieve physical freedom by myself.

When fighting real-world evil, you face the strongest enemies first! The strongest enemies are your own false beliefs, and the fact that everyone around you is completely insane. I had false conscious/logical beliefs. I also had false emotional beliefs that I didn't consciously notice. Have I already defeated my strongest enemies, in my search for truth and freedom?


fritz said...

The concept of good or evil is just a concept. They are perceptions of the observer. Just a demonstration of perspective and believing ones own labels. The state is a false reality created in order to distract people and place them in a false paradigm.

But in the end the state is neither good or evil, it just is. Only someone who believes their own labels searches for demons and villains.

Imagine if the state creates the conditions for its own destruction. And from its ashes arises a stateless free market society.Would you not argue then that the state had been good. Because it acted as a host during the transition towards a new and better form of a stateless world community.

Anonymous said...

There is another point of view in this fnord. I think that the message is "start on easy and build yourself up" "attack the smaller issues" "avoid going after the tough guys" "avoid going after the control...
In reality the "bosses" are probably the most vulnerable, that's why they must start with the "difficulty set on hard" for you. Because they need you to think that if you cant take down a level 1 police raid against protesters and you have them outnumbered, how can you ever take on a level 99 ill, loomed, and naughty matrix architect?

It's funny there's so much propaganda for "start at the bottom, build a base. Look at your computer. I'll bet you your "start" button is on the BOTTOM...
I say start at the TOP of the pyramid, whether it's going after starting a big company, or going after a search term in SEO, the competition is actually the LEAST up at the top. It's easier to get the 10star girl at the library then it is to try to hit on the 6s, 7s, and 8s. Why? Because people assume they have to "build up experience points" or "start on easy" or "start at the bottom" in reality there is no greater competition then for a job, where there are 8 billion people in the world, and 7 billion of them have, had, or are seeking or were seeking a job.

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