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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mark Sanford's Fnord

South Carolina's governor disappeared for a few days. He reappeared. Allegedly, the reason for his disappearance is that he was meeting with a mistress.

Very frequently, it seems that politicians are discredited via a sex scandal.

For once, someone involved in such a scandal should come out and explicitly say "Having an exclusive sexual partner is unnatural. It's more desirable to have several partners. Monogamy is stupid."

Whenever a politician is busted for a sex scandal, there's a secret hidden fnord of "Monogamy and sexual exclusivity are desirable."

This is a key aspect of productive/parasite relationships and the Matrix. The parasite keeps the "abused productive" person as their property. The parasite may cheat and successfully lie about it to their partner. The productive person almost never will.

If people weren't pro-State brainwashed "Monogamy is desirable!", then two abused productive people would experiment with pairing with each other. Instead, an abused productive person is paired with a parasite, and brainwashed to believe that it's a desirable bond.

1 comment:

cyberTrebuchet said...

I like monogamy, personally. But of course laws prohibiting other arrangements are stupid, immoral and void.

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