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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Agorist Toolkit - Guns

At some point, the agorist economy might need to defend itself against invasions by the State.

Guns acquired legally require a license. The bad guys know who has a gun and can round them up and collect them.

Fortunately, in the USA, the gun owners/manufacturers have a decent lobby. Gun ownership probably won't be completely outlawed.

Some enterprising agorist manufacturers will make their own guns. These guns will probably be of a higher quality than those available legally.

The State bans ownership of the most effective weapons. With an assault rifle, one person can successfully confront a team of 10-20 policemen. For this reason, assault weapons are banned.

Good weapons level the playing field between amateur and professional soldier. In the present, the best weapons are reserved for the professional soldiers/police.

The agorist community might have weapons designed to defend themselves from a State raid. Most military weapons are designed for offense. A weapon designed specifically for defense would have many advantages.

However, such measures won't be practical unless a large number of agorists are living together in an independent, self-sustaining community. By the time it's practical to defend yourself via force, the State probably has already lost.

On the other hand, if there's enough demand for privately-manufactured guns, then privately-manufactured guns will be built. With all the hassles of registered gun ownership, I would understand if people wanted to purchase a gun that didn't have a registration requirement.

It won't be practical to use force to defend yourself from the State until after the State has lost. Stealth and bribery are better tactics. For example, an agorist could profitably bribe a State enforcer to ignore him. Drug dealers and prostitutes frequently pay bribes to the police. Such tactics are risky, unless you trust the recipient of the bribe.


Bas said...

It is currently completely legal to build your own firearm, as long as the end result complies with your local laws ( But since it's not serialized, you are not allowed to transfer it.

fritz said...

A person in most states does not need a license to purchase a fire arm (hand gun or long gun). Assault weapons are not banned. There is no maximum to magazine capacity. All machine guns are banned and a license or stamp is required for ownership.most states have no gun registration requirements. In most states a person has to have a background check performed before they are allowed to purchase a fire arm. But the record of which weapon is purchased remains with the dealer. There is no registration requirement.
The record of who has which guns could be taken from the gun dealers and used to find who has what. At present I have 12 unregistered fire arms ,5 hand guns,3 assault types,all purchased in a legal fashion and I don't have a single license.

I think if we have to defend against the state that would be whats called revolution!!

Bas said...

Responding to your reader mail comment to my post:

You are exactly wrong. Quoting that page:

An application to make a machine gun will not be approved unless documentation is submitted showing that the firearm is being made for a Federal or State agency.

It's illegal for me to make my own automatic weapon. Plus, I have to get permission from the government when I make my own weapon.

Where I live in NYC, I believe it's illegal for anyone other than a policeman to possess a gun. I haven't researched the exact law.

I'm not exactly wrong, partly at most! You're right, you can't just build any 'ol firearm you want. The reason why someone would want to make their own firearm, is because there is no paper trail. You do not need government permission (background check) to buy an 80% finished receiver and an AK-47 parts kit and put it together. You do have to make sure the design of your gun follows the rules and that you're allowed to possess the firearm in your area without permit. So yes, you cannot build a fully automatic rifle, but you can build a semi-automatic version of an AK-47 which makes a perfectly fine defensive weapon and cheap ammo, parts and magazines are widely available.

Will said...

Anyone here remember the Wolverines?

I recently watched Red Dawn again, this time with my adult eyes, and was truly intrigued. The same things that were used to "protect" our freedoms(registration of firearms), were the same things used to take them away in the movie.

I own many guns, only one of which is registered. It's my main hunting gun, and I'd be very upset if the State came after it. Of course, if it ever came to that, I'm sure that all of my guns would have been "privately sold." ;)

The State has no business knowing who has what and how much. Them knowing that information is their way of limiting how we choose to defend ourselves. As we all know a weak people is way easier to enslave.

PS: Grab your pump shotgun if you want to defend yourself.

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