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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stupid Equals Evil

Is there any difference between stupidity and evil? I'm starting to suspect that evil and stupid are the same.

It's a scientifically proven fact that the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is nonsense. Does it matter if it's a deliberate fraud, or merely gross incompetence? Either way, the victims are injured.

A psychiatrist prescribes anti-psychotic drugs. Is the psychiatrist intentionally injuring his patients/victims? Is the psychiatrist so clueless and brainwashed that he's unaware of what he's doing? Either way, the psychiatrist is a mass-murderer.

Consider the CEO of a large "too big to fail" bank. He produces nothing of tangible economic value, while still paying himself a huge salary. Does the CEO really believe that he's a brilliant businessman and deserves his huge salary? Or, is the CEO aware that the financial system is one big scam? Either way, the CEO is stealing from the rest of society to pay his salary.

Are politicians and insiders consciously aware that "Taxation is theft!" and covering up the truth? Or, are they merely so clueless that they believe their own propaganda? Either way, government is a massive extortion racket that should be eliminated.

Suppose a pro-State troll posts an obviously stupid comment. Does it matter if the idiot has good intentions? It's irrelevant if it's a troll intentionally wasting my time, or someone too stupid to think and read carefully before commenting. I shouldn't waste time responding to idiots. I'm getting better at distinguishing between people with sincerely good intentions and someone who's just pro-State trolling. Some people are too stubborn and stupid and brainwashed to learn. (When I get my own domain, I'll have a FAQ section. That probably won't cut down on stupid comments.)

It makes no difference whether someone injures me through gross incompetence or on purpose. Either way, the result is the same. For this reason, there's no difference between a stupid person and an evil person. The most dangerous people are the ones who have convinced themselves and the people around them that they're geniuses, when they really have no useful skills. Evil people injure others through their incompetence, as much or more than they injure them on purpose. Most high-ranking members of the parasite class think they're geniuses, when they're really criminals.


robert30062 said...

When someone does harm I often ask myself, "was that from incompetence or deliberate intentions?". I think there are variations within the incompetence found in government/corporate policy. When I hear politicians talk about so called "illegal immigration" without discussing NAFTA, I know that they are being deliberately dishonest. Public subsidies of Agri-Business companies in the USA put prices at an artificially low level in the market, a price level which Central American farmers can't compete with and make a profit. Not having the power of government subsidy, they have no choice but to head north to try and find work. On the other hand, I think it's interesting to read what Adam Smith had to say about some people in power and how seemingly honest justifications are made for some of the most dangerous policies the world has ever seen. President Kennedy, some have said, had what Smith referred to as the "burden of power" complex whereby you feel no guilt for wrongdoing because you feel that power has been thrust upon you, and since you are the most qualified to manage such a destiny then you have no choice but to accept the evils that accompany great imperial power. I had an interesting conversation with a former US ambassador to Honduras in which he discussed the "power by committee" complex used by the neoconservative Nixonites such as Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, etc. He recalled policy meetings in the Oval Office in which each person would defer to the other or what they claimed as "consensus policy", "continuity" and so forth. What this really meant was since every one is guilty no one is. It is a bizarre combination of exclusive yet distributive decision making at the top levels of corporate/government power.

Cheapo Groovo said...

When I post to various message boards, I hear "we have a right to be stupid and lazy as Americans"

That's why we keep seeing the same fake left-right arguments over and over again.

m said...

I think intentions make all the difference in the world. If you say "the result is the same" you are being results oriented. Under a different circumstance the stupid person would realize the evils of their actions, and they would no longer do it. But they need to have a eureka moment. We all have had mental lapses, and usually it's the really simple things that we miss. Maybe we look everywhere for our glasses when they're on our heads. Then we have a good laugh and it never happens again. But people who have not thought about what's obvious and right in front of them can still be smart, yet ignorant.

The fact is if someone is stupid and doing evil or doing something both stupid and evil, it doesn't make them evil. If they awake to the fact of what they are doing, they would quickly stop. Is it not until that moment that they "become good" or were they always good but they just did evil things?

If that is the case, these people are merely "useful idiots" who have been used to do something stupidly and evil. They don't realize what they are doing. Knowledge and intellegince are different. There are sometimes brilliant people who know very little.
There are also other forms of intelligence

People don't realize it, but an NFL wide receiver actually can have a very high intelligence. It takes a high opperating brain capacity to be able to move through the air, catch the ball gracefully, and keep both feet in bounds. It's not what people are programmed to think of as "intelligence" but it is one form of intelligence.
There are many forms of intelligence. Someone who is uncordinated is not intelligence in that form... That does not make them evil.

Besides, evil is just a perspective, right? Is a baby born evil? Yet he throws tantrums selfishly because he has no other means of communications because he is unintelligent.

Generalizations like "evil" and "genius" are just a point of view.

Do cats think humans are geniuses? probably they don't even understand beethoven or mozart, they think humans are only good for getting them food.
Is the human race evil? when compared to other animals yes, no other animals have genocide. yet we engage in MUCH more sophisticated behavior.
Maybe your stupid=evil is some attempt at a good fnord, but from my perspective it's just not true.

There are math geniuses that can't interract socially, or there are idiot savants and they can play the piano like no other, but can't perform basic functions. In certain areas they may be a genius, or perhaps they are a genius who has not acquired the right knowledge, or a genius under hypnosis.
Either way, you can't label people as smart, dumb, evil, and good, because there is a dualism, a thirst to quench physical and biological needs, emotions of fear, and reactions triggered by our surroundings, and also a desire to help other people once those needs are met, and there is an understanding of how the other people feel.

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