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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do Vampires Exist?

Vampire movies are surprisingly popular. A vampire survives only by sucking the life out of others. A vampire dies if exposed to sunlight. A vampire survives via stealth and his ability to psychologically dominate people.

Is this nonfiction?

Members of the parasite class survive only by leeching the wealth of others. Just like a vampire sucks blood, a parasite literally steals your life. A productive worker must spend time generating wealth, which the parasites then leech. It's almost exactly as if your life was stolen.

The rules of government force almost everyone to do business with parasites. If you start your own on-the-books business, you still have to deal with the hassle of lawyers/incorporating, accounting, taxes, and all the other State-mandated overhead. The people working in these areas usually have the parasitic personality type (but not always).

Skilled members of the parasite class are also experts at psychological manipulation. They have the ability to silence or ridicule critics. They have the ability to alter other people's memories about what happened.

One expert parasite tactic that was used on me repeatedly is that they tell me I'm doing a good job, while telling everyone else I'm an unqualified idiot. By the time I figure out what's going on, it's too late for me to do anything about it. The victims don't get together and compare notes, so they don't see the evil. The victims don't have the ability to protect their memories from being altered, so they always see the parasite as a good guy.

The parasites survive, because they take advantage of other people's good intentions. If you're a productive worker, you're always trying to do the right thing. You assume that other people also are always trying to do the right thing. The parasites turn this against you, because you'll never suspect someone of being that evil and manipulative. Even if caught, the parasites say "Give me another chance! I'll do better next time!", and the productive workers fall for it. It's almost impossible to catch a parasite in a lie, due to his ability to alter other people's memories.

Most people believe "The President and Congress are doing their best to look out for the interests of everyone." They don't realize that government is one big scam. Even if the President and most members of Congress have good intentions, you cannot achieve good by using evil means. Any law or tax is ultimately backed by violence. You cannot achieve good via violence and threats of violence, no matter how good your intentions.

Most people also believe "If there was a serious problem with government, then the mainstream media would have said something." Most people don't know that a handful of people control all mainstream media corporations. The mainstream media is merely a shill for the establishment, and not an independent auditor of the truth.

Government is the mechanism by which the parasites/vampires have cemented their leeching. Legally, there is no way to avoid having your life/productivity stolen by parasites.

A vampire dies if exposed to sunlight. Similarly, the tactics of parasites won't work if the truth is widely circulated. If enough people know "Taxation is theft!", then that will lead to the elimination of government. If enough people understand how parasites control them, then they will be able to defend themselves.

There are two aspects of the State. First, there is government, which is the means whereby the leeching of parasites is backed by violence. Second, there is the corrupt nature of productive/parasitic relationships. If you have the "abused productive" personality type, then you're almost always paired with a parasite. Most people don't have the ability to protect themselves from the manipulations of others. This is not natural human behavior; it's an aspect of the State and the Matrix.

Are vampire movies so popular because they reflect a deeper hidden truth? Are vampires merely an analogy for the productive/parasitic nature of most human relationships? I've noticed that, in many movies, the bad guys tend to get the lines that most accurately tell the hidden truth.

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This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at