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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Got My First AdBrite Check!

I got my first AdBrite check in early June, for $11.21. I only made around $5-$6 in April and May. For June, I'm not on pace to make the $5 minimum payout threshold.

My number of pageviews was about the same. The problem was that my eCPM decreased a lot. I read that online advertising rates have been crashing. My page eCPM was $1.06 in March, $0.58 in April, $0.65 in May, and only $0.40 so far in June!

According to Google Analytics, I had 4481 Absolute Unique Visitors in April and 4147 in May. That's down from 6602 in March, but I was recovering from my involuntary hospitalization. I'm on pace for a slight increase in June compared to May.

The overall long-term trend for my blog traffic is increasing, so I shouldn't get discouraged by short-term fluctuations.

It looks like I need about 4x-6x more traffic to earn enough to justify purchasing webhosting. That's attainable. Plus, once the recession/depression ends, online advertising rates will increase again.

Overall, AdBrite seems like a "good enough" ad engine. I don't have enough traffic for it to be worth shopping around for a better rate.


Cheapo Groovo said...

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Barry B. said...

Hey FSK,

For the record I get around 18,000 hits per month and make over $600 per month on google adsense. I think I'm above average. I think some of the problem is your website and some of the problem is adbrite since it doesn't read your posts and place ads based on the content. The key to making money is traffic. The more traffic the more money. But also producing content that helps people solve problems that exist in their lives is a driving factor for my site...


Anonymous said...

I made money before, but the trick with adsense/adbrite/whatever is to actually have targeted traffic for terms that advertisers actually pay for.
For example
go to
type in a keyword.
Now click the dropdown and "show estimated PPC"
Now change broad match to exact match...
Now CPC*monthly volume=estimated revenue going to google.
Now google will share that revenue with you. Google doesn't share that much.
The key is to leave one on a few months, then put the other on a few months and test because some niches just don't have advertisers for smaller networks.
If you're number 1 you don't get all the search volume, and if you get a click, you don't get all of that reveune...
but it's a starting point...
Then you just have to learn good seo, figure out how to find a keyword that is attainable in your niche, and go after it.

Jack c said...

The ads are completely irrelevant so that's going to hinder making much money. That said, I can't think of what would be better. I normally match my sites to high paying affiliate programs and other things, but it's not like there is an affiliate program for an "agorist kit" or something. Maybe if you found something reputable in investing, books, I don't know.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at