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Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Does "Rule of Law" Mean?

I've heard "Rule of Law" both referred to in a pro-State troll context and in a real free market context. There's "Good Rule of Law" and "Evil Rule of Law".

"Good Rule of Law" refers to principles of natural law or common law. This covers things like

  1. the Non-Aggression Principle
  2. You may do whatever you want as long as you don't injure someone else.
  3. Individuals have a right to own property.
  4. Individuals have a right to make and enforce contracts.
  5. Individuals own their own labor.
  6. Nobody should have a monopoly of anything, including violence/police/defense/justice.
When a pro-State troll refers to "Rule of Law", he's referring to "The rules of the current corrupt system must be respected!" or "The bad guys should be allowed to keep what they already stole!" I already wrote a post on the Rule of Law Scam.

Pro-State trolls are usually citing "Evil Rule of Law". When a pro-State troll refers to "Rule of Law", he means:
  1. Pay taxes without resisting!
  2. A debt contract with a bank is a valid contract!
  3. People who lose their homes due to the Compound Interest Paradox should be forcibly evicted! People must be evicted for not paying their mortgage!
  4. People must be evicted from their homes for not paying property taxes! If a State agent declares "Eminent domain!", then the victim must be forcibly evicted from their land!
  5. Respect the State ban on marijuana!
  6. Respect the State ban on owning guns!
  7. Respect the State ban on manufacturing incandescent light bulbs!
  8. Don't work as a doctor/lawyer/accountant/etc. without a State license!
  9. Respect the ban on using gold and silver as money!
  10. Intellectual property is a valid form of property!
When "Rule of Law" refers to "natural/common law", then it makes sense. When "Rule of Law" refers to a corrupt system, then "Rule of Law" is pro-State trolling.

One reason that the USA is more successful economically than other countries is that its legal system approximates "natural law" better than other countries. Regrettably, the USA is moving towards "Corrupt Rule of Law" more than towards "natural law".

Whenever you refer to "Rule of Law", make sure whether you mean "Good Rule of Law" or "Evil Rule of Law".

The trend is towards increased corruption/pillaging/looting. Such a trend can only occur so much before there's a severe correction.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey FSK,

I've also thought about this. If they have the power to pass any law they want, then what good is the concept of the rule of law.

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