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Friday, May 22, 2009

Key Arguments

A lot of people say "FSK, you should have more patience for the people you call out as pro-State trolls." I'm already nearly completely convinced of my core ideas. Since I discovered anarchism/agorism and the philosophy of true free markets, I finally have found a theory that's consistent with my observations. After much searching, I found an economic and political philosophy that is not contradictory.

"The USA does not have a free market, not by any reasonable standard" explains all of my observations working in the corporate world and in other areas. Most of the problems with the current corrupt economic and political system are explained by a lack of freedom, rather than "More government power/regulation is needed!", which is the pro-State troll answer.

Can you find any flaws in my key arguments?

  1. The Federal Reserve is immoral.
  2. The Compound Interest Paradox is a subtle defect in the US monetary system. "Inflation is theft!" is sufficient argument against the Federal Reserve, but the Compound Interest Paradox is a flaw in the US monetary system that is more evil than constant uniform inflation.
  3. The income tax is immoral.
  4. All forms of taxation are theft.
  5. Since government is funded by taxation/theft, all forms of monopolistic government are immoral.
  6. The "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is a mistake/fraud. A corrupt mental health system is a key component of the scam, because people who discover the bits of the truth are murdered/silenced.
  7. A true free market, where nobody had a monopoly of violence or anything, would be superior to the current system.
  8. It is possible to have a stable society with multiple competing police forces, none of which have an absolute monopoly.
  9. The State's violence monopoly is immoral.
  10. A direct violent confrontation with the bad guys is pointless. After all, they specialize in violence! If you attack the State's economic monopoly, then it will lose its violence monopoly when the police's paycheck bounces.
  11. A resistance movement must be decentralized. Otherwise, it can be halted by infiltrating it or assassinating its leader. A free market is the most efficient way to organize a decentralized group of workers.
  12. Agorism is the best strategy for achieving a true free market. I'm looking for refinements for agorism, which probably won't be attained until I attempt practical agorism. People should boycott the Federal Reserve and income tax. They should build an alternate economic system that's completely independent of the State slave economy.
If you can find any flaws in the above arguments, or if I missed anything important, let me know.

I have not found any convincing counter-arguments to any of the above ideas since I discovered them. Most pro-State trolls are disagreeing with one of the above ideas. Their counter-arguments are pathetically weak, and don't present any false ideas that I haven't heard before. For this reason, I dismiss them as stupid/trolling.

A lot of pro-State trolls say "I logically refuted FSK's point!", when they're really spouting incoherent gibberish. If someone is that narrowminded and illogical and pro-State brainwashed, then I can't communicate with them. They are stupid and wasting my time. I deal with enough pro-State trolls when not blogging. I'm not wasting time on them here. If I wasted too much energy on pro-State trolls, it would ruin my blog.

Even though my blog is generating a few dollars a month in ad revenue, it isn't my primary source of income. If I abandoned my key values and started coddling idiots, my blog might lose the attractiveness it has for my core audience. I have no patience for fools anymore. Based on my AdBrite statistics, I only need 10k-20k regular readers for this to be viable as a full time job. I can exclude all the pro-State trolls and still have a viable business.

If you believe "all truth is relative" and "all viewpoints are equally valid", then you're an idiot and a pro-State troll. There is an absolute standard of truth. Stupid ideas should be explicitly called out as stupid, lest stupid ideas dominate the discussion. My perception isn't perfect, but IMHO I'm way ahead of most other people. I've had very unique circumstances and experiences. I'm doing my best to educate other people, so they can learn the easy way instead of the hard way like I did.

The final definitive answer on this subject is "If you think you can present my ideas better than me, go ahead and start your own blog!" If you don't like it, you're free to stop reading. You're also free to lurk and not comment. I won't let a minority who choose to leave a comment speak for everyone. I spend time answering almost every comment, and I want to discourage people from posting stupid things and wasting my time. You're free to post Anonymously if you're concerned that I will ridicule you. If you start your own blog and it's good, I'll read it and maybe improve my own thinking.

Let me know if you find any flaws in my "key arguments" listed above. I haven't noticed any convincing counter-arguments to the above ideas since I discovered them and fully understood them.


Trebuchet Enterprises said...

For the past couple of days I've been reading your blog (I've read maybe 20 or 30 posts, mostly longer ones, and mostly from your all-time top hits list) and I can't find any contradictions. Keep it up. The remnant is very much poised and ready, and its numbers are growing to top it off.

Elsewhere you mentioned "gulching." That'll be a reference whose origin is Atlas Shrugged: the nickname the essentially agorist (though they haven't yet shaken off the last rags of libertarian optimism of legal violence - as I have only very recently done) remnant of creative industrialists give to the valley to which they withdraw to work in peace: "[John] Galt's Gulch."

If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you do so. It isn't quite perfect - it retains that nagging optimism of the state - but it does provide a good model of an agorist revolution and the subsequent demise of institutionalized force.

One more thing (sorry to address so much in the same comment on the same post): I too have had the same inkling as you that the SLH might actually want the intelligent ones to see the scam. Either he empathizes with us (he too knows it's all bullshit) and wishes us to withdraw while he maintains his control, as in Brave New World, or he really is ultimately going for the collapse of the State: and with it, the extinction of anti-life philosophies which attempt to exist in defiance of reality. Either way, it's pretty sweet.

Cheapo Groovo said...

I always get the argument that the STATE needs to help the less fortunate - like the handicapped or the mentally ill.

I tell them family first. If that doesn't work, the STATE has sanctioned tax benefits to churches and non-profits. So they should fulfill their missions.

Folks still don't get it!

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