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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Attention Deficit Order Explained

My parents said something interesting. They said "FSK, you look like you have attention deficit disorder. You don't pay attention when we talk."

My parents say the same nonsense over and over again. They never say anything interesting. I sometimes say "If you want me to listen, then say something interesting." That just offends them and accomplishes nothing.

That's an interesting observation. State authority figures assume that the audience has an obligation to listen. The authority figure does not have to say anything actually interesting.

There are many examples:

  • In school, the student has an obligation to pay attention or pretend to pay attention. The teacher has no obligation to be interesting.
  • In a meeting at work, the wage slave must listen to their boss. The boss has no obligation to make the meeting useful. In my experience, most meetings are a waste of time.
  • When a politician speaks, the audience is expected to be really interested. If you would heckle a politician when he speaks, you don't get invited to the meeting or police violently escort you out.
I suspect this behavior comes from TV. When you watch a TV show, the speaker gets zero feedback from the audience. People learn social interaction from TV, so they don't bother paying attention to their audience.

Besides, it'd be depressing to notice that your audience isn't listening! State-licensed authority figures learn to ignore their audience when they speak, because they don't want to know that they're wasting people's time!

In school, the smartest students are the ones who most rapidly realize "School is boring! School is a waste of time!" They don't explicitly say it like I do, because none of the adults around them would seriously consider the possibility that school is designed to crush the child's independent spirit.

The smartest students are then diagnosed as having "attention deficit disorder". In reality, these are the most alert students, because they're the ones who recognized that school is pointless. These students are then drugged into submission.

A psychiatrist doesn't have the intellectual capacity to say "Maybe the school system is defective!" Only the most intelligent students become aware of the scam. These students are then labeled as defective. They are given drugs that dull their senses, and prevent them from noticing "School is boring!"

I once read someone who said "C students are smarter than A students. If you get Cs, you figured out how to do just enough work to get by. An A student is spending a lot of wasted effort." I viewed school as an interesting abstract exercise. At the time, I had nothing better to do. Plus, I was brainwashed to believe "If you study and learn, you will get what you want." That turned out to be a lie. Paradoxically, learning as much as I can made me see the evils of the State and government and the Matrix. In that sense, the lie became true. I still haven't turned my greater knowledge and ability into practical benefits for myself, but I feel I'll accomplish that soon.

When I was in school, I viewed subjects like history as a memorization contest. Taking the approach "This is a memorization contest!", it was a somewhat interesting exercise. Subjects like Math were genuinely interesting. In retrospect, it would have been nice to learn Math 3x faster as it actually occurred. I viewed it as a game. I didn't realize it was a massive scam. I didn't have anything else to do! I guess I'm lucky in that sense, that I didn't achieve awareness until much later.

I wonder if it's safe for me to send my children to a slave school? I may not have the resources to afford homeschooling. If I warn my children about the nature of the scam, then they may view it as an interesting exercise. On the other hand, it'd be cruel to make them waste so much time.


David_Z said...

I was always a B+ student, with occasional As in classes that I found interesting. Thing is, I put forth pretty much ZERO effort in school: from kindergarten through college.

My teachers used to say things like, "David is not living up to his potential". Presumably they knew as well as I did that I was capable of all A's, but the marginal effort required to get those grades wasn't worth it.

People are conditioned to think, "David could've gotten all A's and gone to a great school to get a great job." What they miss is that the "better" college you attend, the more likely it is that you graduate as a complete Tool with zero ability to think for yourself.

LibertyTiger said...

I was diagnosed ADHD as a kid. I found most people and task uninteresting to me. I still do.

School's aren't just a waste of time, they're actually dangerous. If your child goes to school knowing it's a scam they'll likely be the target of manipulation and abuse by "educators" attempting to control and conform them to their arbitrary, statist standards.

I have three young kids. There's no way in hell I'd put them in a government school, I don't care what sacrifices I have to make to homeschool them. We're going to unschool, that's homeschooling without a curriculum and based on the child's interests.

Angry_Magician said...

The recent upswing in ADD/ADHD diagnoses means that the Matrix and the State are becoming more obvious! At the very least, the psychiatrists are seeing more symptoms of kids who aren't completely taken in.

There are some slackers who are basically unaware of the State, but the ones I know who fit this personality type are often parasites and blatant pro-State trolls.

Watching one of my friends with ADHD was depressing; it suppressed his appetite, so during lunch he stayed in the classroom during homework and was strenuously boring and detached while on the medication he was prescribed. I don't happen to know what it was.

Myself, I match David_Z's school record; B-pluses in subjects I didn't find interesting, and C's in the ones I detested (mainly history), A's in the subjects I liked. I agree that I would have liked to learn math and science several times faster than it was actually taught in school. Especially in public school, (and doubly so in the elementary grades!) that part of the curriculum is tripe, poorly explained and pushed too slowly and complicatedly.

Sending children to a slave school is a bad idea. It doesn't matter if it's a private school; most are either religious (hah!) or are preparatory (crush students by drilling them hard with work). I think you'd be hard pressed to find a government-chartered private school that won't try to inflict pro-State brainwashing on children.

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with ADD my senior year in high school. Funny because it wasn't until then that I really started to be more of what they'd consider a "rebel". My grades were better than ever though, but my parents were worried that when I went to college things will change.

I remember coming back from the doctor, and people asked me why I was at the doctor. I joked "I don't know, I think it was something about A.D.D. but aparently I wasn't paying any attention. One of my friends got it, some slave of the matrix girl had a blank stare.

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