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Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is the Natural Way to Blink?

When most people blink, they blink both eyes simultaneously.

After my most recent panic attack, I started with a weird new behavior. I'm blinking my eyes one at a time, independently! It feels more natural to blink one eye at a time, rather than both simultaneously.

My eye muscles/nerves weren't accustomed to blinking my eyes separately. Initially, I had a weird twitch when I blinked only one eye. That went away as I exercised my "blink one eye at a time" ability.

It makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. Blinking one eye at a time is more efficient than blinking both simultaneously. This way, there's no loss of vision if something important happens while you blink.

I never would have imagined that. Pro-State brainwashing is so severe that most people blink both eyes simultaneously rather than one at a time! Since my most recent panic/manic attack, it feels like I have another degree of freedom in my brain and in my thinking.

Don't think this post is a joke. I'm not kidding! I'm blinking only one eye at a time now. It feels more natural than blinking both eyes simultaneously!


barry b. said...


What the hell? I'm glad you're blinking one eye at a time but this is not the result of an awakening you are having. One eye at a time is NOT more efficient and has nothing to do with pro-state brainwashing.

Now you can make up any reasoning you want to go with whatever interesting experiences you are having. But how you relate this experience to pro-state brainwashing I have no idea.


Xavin said...

I have spent a significant amount of time around anarcho-primitivists and rewilders who spend a lot of time studying the way that native peoples act (many without any semblance of pro-state brainwashing). I have spent a lot of time around alternative treatment and health nuts.

I have not seen any mention of this behavior, and these people would probably have mentioned it. They care about little details like that.

With that said, that's kinda cool. Have you timed your reading, or done any other strongly visual tasks, and timed yourself one eyed and two eyed blinking?

Anonymous said...


Dude, be rational. Explore your emotions, and your ability to experiment and try new things.

But at the end of the day, compare them to some kind of norm...

If you had at least said "I noticed that cats blink with one eye," or "Dogs only blink with one eye at a time" or "I observed that wild animals actually blink one eye at a time," etc...

Then you'd have a norm to compare it'd be full of $%^&, but you'd be making a comparison and you would sound like you weren't talking bull%^&*.

Most of us would still know y0u

But look, you didn't do that, because you can't. It is not natural to blink one eye at a time. What is this? I know you've been through some rough experiences, but ... WTF? How can you (with the same mind) read the black-scholes theory and call bullshit, then come to this 'insight' and be like "I'm not kidding!"

Dude...both answers are had via the same process...

Freedomain radio is longwinded, but if you listen to enough of that stuff (or maybe just take a course in logic?) you will learn how to build an argument and or form a conclusion without incorporating bull%^&*.

Come on, FSK...stop the bull%^&*!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like brain damage to me. ;)

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