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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

State Employees Don't Pay Taxes

If you're a State employee, it's silly to say "I pay taxes".

Suppose you work for the government. You earn a salary of $60k, and you pay $25k in taxes.

It would be logically equivalent to say "Your salary is $35k, and your taxation rate is zero."

That's like saying "I stole $100k and gave back $40k. Therefore, I'm not a criminal."

All direct and indirect State employees have their salaries backed by State violence. A policeman/teacher/bureaucrat is an obvious direct State employee. A lawyer/banker/trader/CEO is an indirect State employee. They only earn huge salaries due to State restriction of the market.

Suppose a CEO pays himself a bonus of $100M, and then pays $40M in income taxes. (A typical CEO will use tax shelters and trusts to shield most of his income from taxes.) It is inaccurate to say "Look at that patriotic CEO, paying so much in taxes." It is more accurate to say "The CEO has given a partial return of stolen property to the State." Large corporations are so heavily regulated that a CEO is effectively a State employee.

Doctors are partial indirect State employees. They earn huge salaries because State licensing requirements restrict the supply of doctors. Without the State licensing cartel, doctor salaries would be lower and quality of medical care would be higher.

Doctors and lawyers and other State-licensed workers therefore tend to be pro-State trolls. If you earn above-market salaries due to State violence, then it's very hard to criticize the State. In some State-licensed professions, you can have your licensed revoked for criticizing the State!

I was once explaining "Taxation is theft!" with a member of the parasite class. He said "You're thinking about it all wrong. You should be trying to become a multi-millionaire. Then, you don't have to pay any taxes at all! Wealthy people set up trusts and tax loopholes to shelter their income from taxation!"

If you're a direct or indirect State employee, you pay a negative taxation rate. Your salary is directly or indirectly backed by violence. It is inaccurate to say that members of the parasite class pay taxes. They are merely paying part of their stolen property back to the State.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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