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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The "Rule of Law" Scam

The concept of "Rule of Law" is one big scam. Some laws are obvious, such as "murder is wrong (when individuals do it)" and "stealing is wrong (when individuals do it)". A State is not needed to enforce such laws, because practically everyone agrees on them.

"Rule of Law" is a problem, because "Rule of Law" really means "A handful of people make up rules and violently impose them on everyone else." The concept of "Rule of Law" leads to stupid laws, such as

  1. victimless crimes, like drugs, prostitution, and gambling
  2. the ban on using sound money
  3. the requirement that taxes must be paid in exchange for permission to work (tax evasion is another victimless crime, and the most serious victimless crime)
  4. licensing requirements for most professions, such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, etc.
  5. the ban on manufacturing incandescent light bulbs
  6. the ban on owning land, via property taxes and eminent domain
  7. corporate welfare, via a corrupt monetary system (some businesses are "too big to fail" and always qualify for a bailout, especially the financial industry)
When pro-State trolls say "The Rule of Law must be respected", they really mean "The arbitrary decisions of a handful of people must be obeyed."

The State is not needed to prevent obvious crime, because everyone agrees they are crimes. In fact, the State encourages obvious crimes. If you are the victim of a crime and the State cannot solve it (or chooses not to), then you have no recourse. With free market police, you would have a claim against your police protection agency if they failed to protect you.

The problem with government is the subtle crimes it encourages. A massive propaganda and brainwashing campaign is needed to ensure that the slaves don't figure out what is going on. For example, the incandescent light bulb ban is touted as a brilliant energy conservation law, rather than a restriction of the market.

"Rule of Law" is a trick where a corrupt system is hyped as beneficial.


juandos said...

What is a, "victimless" crime in real life?

I think the word, 'apparently' should've been used in front 'victimless crimes'...

I do know under present day conditions & laws in the U.S., no such thing exists...

Drug use is a vector for more felony crimes like armed theft...

Prostitution is a vector for the further transmission of STDs...

Gambling is a vector for even more family break ups...

It seems you are a fan of James Maynard's Why There is no Such Thing as a Victimless Crime...

Personally I too have no problem with the, 'clean room' approach of Maynard...

I too would also like to see a stronger support of the Ninth Amendment...

We as supposedly free citizens in this country do have the government we deserve...

We after all have voted in the clowns that make the laws...

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem with "1"s take on crime is that, taken to its logical limit, it leads to madness.

Studies show 80% of rapists weren't breast-fed. Breastfeeding is now mandatory.

All homicidal maniacs can be shown to have breathed air at one point or another. Therefore, air-breathing is a clear and present danger that ought to invite legislation in order to mitigate its tendency to contribute to crime.


Crimes are those actions which actually violate the rights of another person. Not "might, statistically, contribute to a tendency".

Anonymous said...

This commenter above is clearly a pro-state troll.

"Drug use is a vector for more felony crimes like armed theft..."

Really? And the fact that the prohibition made them expensive in the first place, and attracted gangs to the trade make no difference, TROLL?

"Prostitution is a vector for the further transmission of STDs..."

Right! You and your wife are so clean. The professional that would be as squeaky-clean as a dentist if you weren't after what you can't afford,TROLL.

"Gambling is a vector for even more family break ups..."
Who said this?
A government employee? He, who we had hired to clean public toilets now decided to teach US life lessons? It is the people's stupidity, and bad desires, not gambling. I have never spent more than a dollar on gambling. How come it doesn't affect me if gambling is the cause, TROLL?

Crawl back to your hole and read more of your favorite Keynes. Apparently, you can't even tell he was an idiot.

And who did gave you the right to decide what would be good for the rest of us in the first place?
Your own problems are easily resolved if you would stop using drugs, and spending your money on whores and gambling. Instead, pay more attention to your family.

Anonymous said...

"X is a vector for Y" reasoning doesn't cut it. If Y is a real crime, punish or demand restitution for Y, not X. If neither Y nor X are real crimes with non-consenting victims, then it makes even less sense to kidnap people for doing X.

We as supposedly free citizens in this country do have the government we deserve...

This is more interesting than it seemed at first glance. My initial reaction was "speak for yourself", because I don't (willingly) support it or vote for it.

That holds, but I also noticed that this oft-repeated statement or thought is always structured in such a way that the implicit alternative is a better government, if only we were better people. That the problem is with the slaves, rather than with the slavemasters.

Anonymous said...

When people say "it's the law" they really mean "it's otherwise a stupid idea" or "thank God I coincidentally agree with the law or else I can't convince you why you should do it"

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