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Friday, October 26, 2007

Ten Steps to Free a Closed Society

There is an interesting article by Naomi Wolf in the Huffington post. It is frequently cited and plagiarized.

Let's turn this around and look at it from an agorist point of view. Starting from a closed society, how would we turn it around and free everyone?

Invoke a Terrifying Enemy

This one is easy. The terrifying enemy is the evil of the red market monopoly on legalized violence and justice. This is more frequently cited as the evil of the state.

Create a Gulag

A gulag is a place or situation of great hardship. The current economic, political, and taxation system can certainly be described as a gulag.

Develop a Thug Caste

This is easy. Agorist protection agencies need to secretly hire policemen and other red market enforcers to aid them. They will be secretly hired to behave honestly (i.e., betray their office).

Policemen already accept bribes to look the other way in possession of drug cases. They can certainly be bribed to ignore grey market economic activity, which they could much more easily pass off without guilt or suspicion. They could always claim they didn't notice it!

Set Up an Internal Surveillance System

This is necessary for the agorist community. Untrustworthy people must be banned. All participants must have a high level of trust in one another. You need to make sure your trading partners won't rat you out to the red market enforcers.

This trust rule will be enforceable, due to the high utility of the agorist community, once established. If you are untrustworthy, you'll be banned from participating in the free market! That's the way free markets should work!

Harass Citizen's Groups

The red market is already doing this. Consider Student Tasered at John Kerry Speech. It is important for people to know that voting is pointless. It is important for people to be completely convinced that reform won't occur within the current economic system. A completely different approach is necessary.

There is no need to directly spend additional effort on this.

Engage in Arbitrary Detention and Release

The red market is already doing this to help destroy its own credibility. There's no need to spend extra effort here.

Agorist police agencies will be perfectly fair. If someone is held for a week, they are reimbursed if it was wrongfully done.

Target Key Individuals

It is important to target the most productive and smartest 1% of the population for an agorist revolution. Once they start and work out most of the details, everyone else will follow.

Control the Press

It is important to identify which blogs and forums have useful information and which are full of nonsense. This must be tracked. Everyone has their own preferences. Software could be written to facilitate this.

Dissent Equals Treason

Anyone who asserts that "the State" has any legitimacy at all should be ostracized if possible. Anyone who complains to the red market about an agorist transaction, before exhausting all agorist resolution methods, should be banned from the community. I think that complaining to the red market at all is an offense that merits a ban, because tipping off the red market places many people at risk.

Suspend the Rule of Law

People need to know that "the law" as presented by the red market is completely illegitimate. There are only two valid forms of law. There is common law, which says you can do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt anyone else. There is contract law, which says that you should keep all contracts that were entered honestly.


Anonymous said...

A few things you don't mention: Wolf played an active role in Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election bid on female issues. Ditto for Al Gore's 2000 campaign. "The end of America" is an odd title for someone who actively participated in its deconstruction. Clinton presided over an unprecedented expansion of the Federal police state, not to mention the incineration of the children Waco compound and the Randy Weaver seige.

Wolf is a controlled opposition shill pretending to be a dissident. Her ilk have no problem with police state tactics so long as the targets are "right wing extremists". She wants us to think, "it's all the Republicans' fault and Hillary will fix it."

The disinfo technique she employs is an analogue of poisoning the well. She can imply by association that Hitlery holds such views without the latter actually having to articulate so that when Hillary the Hun clamps further down on civil liberties, she can say she never promised that she wouldn't.

I really like how you take all that and turn it around. I have some hope for Ron Paul but I see where you're coming from as well because an unfortunate side-effect of Paul is that he makes people think their votes count.

Also, I didn't notice her ranting on the "rule of law". That's something the liberals and conservatives like to ballyhoo. If she were a true dissident, the would have bemoaned the loss of due process rights (from the point of view of the victims of such tyranny) instead of from some lofty impersonal pov. (viz. "governance")

redpillguy said...

I also posted about Naomi Wolf's article here:

Anonymous said...

I posted twice above. Please take the first one away. An addendum: I thought of a name for Naomi Wolf's disinfo technique: Since it's an analogue of poising the well, I call it "purifying the swamp."

FSK said...

I usually filter out duplicates, but I was still feeling sick and didn't feel like checking to see if it was a 100% duplicate or only a partial duplicate.

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