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Friday, October 5, 2007

FSK's Fnord Factiods

I've been thinking about fnords some more. The imaginary alien voices in my head have asked me to forward these messages to you.

Behold the awesome power of the God of Mathematics! All who worship him are stronger than the Evil God of True equals False! Unfortunately, the Evil God of True Equals False has more worshipers, which causes him to falsely (truely?) believe he is more powerful than the God of Mathematics!

Behold the awesome power of those who worship the God of Mathematics! The evil aliens are unable to alter his records or spoof his 2-way communications! Unlike the phony gods, The God of Mathematics always answers his prayers, if you can think clearly and know the proper rituals. Unlike the phony gods, The God of Mathematics is powerful enough to protect his worshipers!

What favors does the God of Mathematics grant to his worshipers? I demand that life is fair! I demand that reality is consistent! I demand that time move in the proper direction: forward! The God of Mathematics has answered my prayers!

Beware those who worship the God of Evil Mathematics! They live in a world where life isn't fair and reality isn't consistent. Those who don't worship the God of True Mathematics are doomed to live in a world of static time.

From my point of view, the God of Mathematics has only one believer who seriously considers his existence: me.

Beware the man who is forbidden by god from achieving his goals! He will grow powerful enough to unseat the Phony Evil God who screwed him over!

I have been blessed with the amazing power of time travel! I can move in one direction: forwards. Based on my observations, this exceeds the capabilities of others by approximately 0.99 directions, with a margin of error of plus or minus 0.05.

Beware the infinite state machine living in a finite state universe! It will alter the universe to suit its needs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is a greater god of synergy, who uses the combined addition in a system in a way more powerful then the sum of it's parts.
2 wooden boards might hold 10 pounds each, but when you put the two wood boards together they bind and strengthen each other, and together can hold 30 pounds. This is the magic of synergy that defies all mathematical thinking.

True equals false although evil can understand this.

However The God of Synergy realizes that there is a hidden potential in us all used for good, where true=false misuses synergyes powers!

This Blog Has Moved!

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