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Friday, September 28, 2007

Student Tasered at Kerry Speech

There is an interesting video circulating on the Internet about how a student was tasered and arrested for asking questions at a John Kerry speech at the University of Florida. He was asking about why Kerry didn't contest the 2004 election results and about the Skull and Bones secret society. His third question, why Kerry didn't try to impeach Bush, is irrelevant because impeachment is the responsibility of the House and not the Senate.

After asking the questions, he was assaulted by police and tasered.

Some people say that the student pushed his way to the front of the questions line, but I saw no evidence of that on the video.

The most interesting part about the incident is that the rest of the audience sat there and did nothing. Shouldn't some of them have rushed to the aid of this student in the face of obvious police brutality? The student was being somewhat annoying by asking the questions, but it could have been handled more politely.

The other interesting bit, if you see the YouTube video, is that one of Kerry's assistants was ordering the police to restrain the student. You can see him gesturing on the right side at the start of the video. This way, Kerry himself has plausible deniability. He can say "I didn't want to see the student tasered", while one of his assistants ordered the assault.

I read that the student was being charged with a felony, which is a bit excessive. I doubt that it would be possible to get a conviction, but who knows what a clueless jury would do? The penalty he already faced, a beating and a night in jail, is already excessive.

Overall, I place the harshest blame on the other audience members, for sitting still and doing nothing.

This highlights another flaw with the current economic and political system. If you agree that the police used excessive force, the student really doesn't have any practical options for pursuing a claim against the police. The police have plausible deniability that they were "just doing their jobs". Someone ordered them to remove the student, and they followed orders.

Also, I'll answer the student's two questions, even though Kerry probably never will tell the truth.

Of course Kerry isn't going to contest the election results. It wouldn't be appropriate for Kerry to go around for 4 years saying "This President is illegitimate." Besides, Gore could have done the same thing after the 2000 election. Both Gore and Kerry know who their real boss is, the Supreme Leader of Humanity. They aren't going to upset the apple cart and risk ruining their gravy train. If they start questioning the President's legitimacy, then people might start questioning the government's legitimacy.

Yes, both John Kerry and President Bush are members of the Skull and Bones secret society. The 2004 election was like running for President against your frat buddy. Even if they weren't members of the same secret society, they would still both be controlled by the same wealthy campaign donors. The Supreme Leader of Humanity makes sure that only "approved" candidates are presented for election. Practically every member of Congress and every President for many years have been a members of one or more secret societies.

Quite frankly, I don't understand why someone would waste their time asking John Kerry questions. If you assume that the current economic and political system has no legitimacy at all, why would you waste your time talking to people who claim to represent an illegitimate government?

There is another possibility, that the student was doing it as a publicity stunt. He knew he would be tasered and is looking for his 15 minutes of fame. If he did it on purpose, my response is "Good for him!"

The current political and economic system is going to unravel, but it isn't going to be dismantled by the current official leaders. It is going to be dismantled via an agorist revolution.


Anonymous said...

This one is similar, worse, and seems to have been buried:

Cop pushed city councilman to the ground from behind, then pummeled him while he was face down.

Cop then claimed the councilor swung at him first.

The video was pulled from youtube, claiming copyright complaints by the station.

Anonymous said...

I think this video will be used as a 'threat' to any would be non conformists...the iron fist under the velvet glove is showing.

I do not see why the police themselves could not use common sense, let the guy have his say and move him out quietly without a struggle. It is very desturbing that no one objected... The Police State is already here.

Anonymous said...

It was shocking the way they treated that kid.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the student was shocked that those cops would do that to him.

FSK said...

That's enough puns from the peanut gallery. Twice is enough.

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