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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Obama for President! - Bring on Universal Health Care!

In a previous post, I endorsed Ron Paul for President. Ron Paul is opposed to the Federal Reserve and income tax. I am nearly completely convinced that the Federal Reserve is evil and the income tax is evil.

However, I am now thinking that an agorist revolution is a historic inevitability. Thinking like an agorist, I *DON'T* want Ron Paul to be elected President. Ron Paul would be able to delay the inevitable collapse of the US government. I don't want Ron Paul to be President, precisely because he is the most qualified.

I don't really have to worry about Ron Paul being elected President. The voting system is defective. I think Ron Paul is being set up for defeat.

Looking at the remaining candidates, who is least qualified? What is the stupidest policy the government could enact?

Looking over all the candidates' proposals, Universal Health Care is the stupidest policy. If Obama is elected President, that might be seen as a mandate for Universal Health Care.

Universal Health Care is going to be a spectacular disaster. I can't wait for it to be enacted. Therefore, I have to endorse Obama for President.

Universal Health Care will completely remove the free market from medical care. All medical care will be paid by the government. It will be illegal to purchase health care on the free market.

Under programs like Medicare, the government pays for certain treatments. However, people are still free to purchase better medical treatment outside of Medicare. Under Universal Health Care, the only way to get treatment will be through the government's program.

Purchasing medical care on the free market is going to be a crime! That's going to be a spectacular disaster. I can't wait!

That's precisely the sort of scenario where an agorist community would thrive. The free market for health care should be driven completely to the grey market. Sick people should be forced to break the law in order to receive appropriate treatment.

Perversely, thinking like a true agorist, I want the *LEAST* qualified candidate to be elected. I want to elect candidates that will do their best to destroy government credibility; that's why President Bush was such an effective President. Fortunately, the least qualified candidate will get elected if I do nothing. The Supreme Leader of Humanity is already manipulating the least qualified people to be the political and economic leaders.

After further analysis, Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan also seems like a disaster. Requiring people to have health insurance is brilliant. That's a ton of guaranteed income for insurance companies. It's a regressive tax that hits poor people the most. I couldn't think of a worse plan. I'm currently undecided as to whose plan is worse - Hillary Clinton's or Obamas. I endorse the worse health care reform plan.


Curtis said...

"Purchasing medical care on the free market is going to be a crime!"

Hey boss, welcome to my world. For some of us out here it's already illegal. Pigs I tell you, pigs. They need to quit ruining lives and get a real frickin' job.

Anonymous said...

Look what they did to Hoxey and Rife. Medical care has been gov't agent controlled and cartelized since the 1900s. Clinton's and Obama's proposals just changes the frog pot setting from medium-high to high.

They've got the technology to control people in every way (probably stuff we haven't even imagined). They've dumbed us down and neutered our survival instincts. They have especially targeted men and boys. They've got an electronic financial control system in place, ready to roll out and cancel previous debts right after the coming economic crisis. They own most agricultural land and are screwing with the food genetically. It's going to take more than me moving your lawn and getting paid under the table to bring such a system down.

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