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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Are you a Corporation?

I've read this conspiracy theory on several websites. It's incredibly complicated. I'm concerned that it might be true.

In the eyes of the government and financial industry, everyone is a corporation.

That's kind of incredible, isn't it? Let's look at one piece of evidence. Take out your driver's license or any other government-issued ID. Look at your name. It's in ALL CAPS. For example, if your name is John Smith, your driver's license says JOHN SMITH. Look at any financial statement. Look at any legal document. Your name is *ALWAYS* in ALL CAPS.

There is a subtle distinction. JOHN SMITH is a corporation. John Smith is the actual person. The JOHN SMITH corporation has as one of its assets, John Smith the actual person. In the eyes of the government and financial industry, John Smith the person owns nothing. Everything is owned by JOHN SMITH the corporation.

Why is this distinction important? The 16th amendment gave Congress the power to tax incomes. At the time, income was defined to be corporate profits. That's what gives Congress the power to tax your income. Your income is profit for the JOHN SMITH corporation, and it's subject to the income tax just like any other corporation.

I don't don't see why it matters. For all practical purposes, the JOHN SMITH corporation is identical to John Smith the person. It's still bothering me. I've been looking at all my bank statements and government documents. I'm looking for an example where my name is *NOT* spelled in ALL CAPS.

This fictitious corporation with the same name as you is frequently called a "Straw Man", which you should not confuse with The Strawman Fallacy. This is an extremely complicated legal argument. I think it is the justification for applying income taxes to individual wages, contrary to the original intent of the income tax. Your wages are profits for the "straw man" corporation, and are therefore taxable. It sounds like legal nonsense to me.

I'm not really interested in these subtle legal loopholes and tricks. The bottom line is: The Federal Reserve is Evil, The Income Tax is Evil, and Taxation is Theft. It's important to not be confused between "what is legal and illegal" and "what is right and what is wrong". The Federal Reserve and income taxes are obviously morally wrong, no matter what their legal status.

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David Houser said...

Sheldon Richman has a good batch of posts on IRS protesters and where they go wrong:

I don't know that he's ever gotten into the all caps thing though.

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