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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unemployed Again

My contract ended and I'm unemployed again. I mentioned this indirectly, but not explicitly.

So far, I'm getting 1 interview per week, which is decent.

I'm doing the usual jobsearch grind. You might say "FSK, start your own business!" That isn't easy as it sounds. I'm making only $5/month from AdBrite ads. It's not that easy to find something that's a moneymaker.

That's the problem with the economy. If it were easy for someone like me to start a business or co-found a business, then the economy wouldn't be in the toilet. Instead, people with political connections have spectacular success, while I'm struggling to get by.

Even if I'm bootstrapping a successful business, I still need income in the meantime.

I like my new Android phone. I'm going to download the SDK and experiment.

Now that I have greater awareness, searching for a job is frustrating. I'm interviewing with people who have *BOTH* less emotional awareness and less logical ability, compared to me. Previously, I usually outranked employers on logical awareness but not emotional awareness.

It is very frustrating, to try to convince someone who doesn't know as much as me, to hire me. You might say "Act stupider!", but I'm not going to do that.

Nobody says "FSK, we're rejecting you because you're too smart. You'll make me look bad in comparison. I'm rejecting you out of concern for my own job security." Nobody will say that. Instead, they make up some other excuse.

There's always one parasite or psychopath on the hiring committee. The rule usually is "Everyone has to vote 'yes' to hire someone." Therefore, the evil interviewer will veto hiring me, because he feels threatened by me. Due to the nature of the State, *EVERY* work group has someone evil or evil-leaning.

Another good trick is "I'm making up a reason to reject FSK, because there's someone else I want to hire." It's very easy for the interviewer to give me a bad rating when nobody else is looking, and then give favorable ratings to his friends or people he doesn't feel threatened by. I suspect that, in some cases, the interviewee gets the interview questions ahead of time.

My favorite joke is "We want you to work for equity only." In other words, work for free. I'm not dumb enough to fall for that one, but it doesn't hurt to ask or try. Even if I worked for equity-only and the company was ridiculously successful, there's too many ways to get cheated. The same type of person who would ask me to work for equity-only is the same type of person who would cheat me if the business is successful. As a minority shareholder, there's too many ways to get cheated. Why would I work for equity only, when I can make $5/month working on my blog? My effective blogging salary is approximately $0.10/hr, which is $0.10/hr more than I'd ever get in an equity-only job.

The ideal scenario would be to find a promising startup and join as one of the early technical employees, and write version 1.0 of their product by myself. No such opportunity has come up. For every next-Google, there's 10,000+ fools with a stupid business plan and some VC connections. Moving is not an option; I might have more success in Silicon Valley. I'm staying in NYC.

Paradoxically, being too skilled makes it hard to find a wage slave job. I'm going to be way overqualified for any job I can actually get. The only way out is to start your own business, on-the-books or agorist-style. That isn't easy.


Anonymous said...

I started programming when I was 14 years old. I think it is bad to blow your own trumpet, but I suspect some of my troubles in finding corporate employment is related to my high level of ability.

I'm lucky in that almost by accident I founded my own business and it pays enough for me to survive.

While my business was ramping up and reasonably successful, I did apply for a number of jobs primarily because I wanted to work with other people. Despite writing obviously successful software I got no job offers.

I have even applied to a few places that has purchased my software. I got rejections from all of them! One company that purchased my software on multiple occasions rejected me despite the fact I scored 100% in their written interview test. I asked their HR woman for a reason and she just said I wouldn't fit in with their sort of people. I had to visit their offices on three separate occasions for interviews
and they couldn't even find a reason why they rejected me!
I would have thought that having publicly available and successful software would mean that hiring me is a no risk option.

It seems being good at what you do is actually a minus!

Ronnie said...

No offense, but you might have to deflate your head just a little during the interview if you hope to be hired.

FSK said...

I'm super-polite.

It's something I never really noticed before. I know a lot more than almost all the interviewers.

Yes, I have to be polite to try to get a job. However, it is really frustrating that I'm begging people who don't know as much as me for a job.

Anonymous said...

It's not what you know, FSK, it's who you know. We no longer live in a merit-based system, assuming we ever did. If you know the right things, nothing is guaranteed. However, if you know the right people, then the sky's the limit.

It's time for you to start schmoozing with the movers and shakers in society. Make friends with a few psychopaths and doors will magically open for you. I promise.

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