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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who Cares When The President Gives A Speech?

This story is pretty funny. This shows how pathetic political debate in the USA is. People are arguing about WHEN THE PRESIDENT SHOULD GIVE A SPEECH.

I don't watch political speeches. I never understood why the audience applauds after every sentence. That's too obviously farcical for me. The Democrats must applaud each point like it's the most brilliant thing they've ever heard, while the Republicans show a mixture of disgust and polite respect. One of my vblogging ideas is "Creatively edit political speeches to enhance the real meaning."

Apparently, this "speech scheduling" debate was way overhyped in the mainstream media. My father was really excited when he mentioned this story to me.

Here's a summary of the "scandal". The President wanted to give a speech on "creating jobs", which is politician-speak for "give money to my buddies". The President initially scheduled his speech for the first day Congress is back in session, September 7.

In order to give a speech in front of a joint session of Congress, the President needs permission of Congress. Of course, the President can give a speech on TV anytime he feels like it. However, a speech in front of Congress is "special". (as if any Congressmen would change their vote based the speech) A Presidential speech in front of Congress is pure political theater. As mentioned above, it's a huge farce the way the Congressmen behave during the speech.

The speech was originally scheduled for September 7, the first day Congress is back in session. The President asked speaker Boehner, Boehner said "OK", and the speech was announced.

However, after Boehner gave informal approval to the Sept 7 date, and after the speech was announced, people realized there's a schedule conflict. There's a Republican Presidential debate already scheduled for Sept 7. It would be unfair for the President to upstage it.

Once the conflict was discovered, the approval for Sept 7 was revoked. The speech was moved to Sept 8, immediately before the first NFL game.

The controversy is "Did Boehner disrespect the President, by approving and then revoking the Sept 7 date?" Seriously, that's the #1 political issue? Are we no longer pretending that the rulers aren't spoiled children?

Obviously, both sides made an error. They should have noticed the schedule conflict. It's a reasonable oversight. However, both sides are claiming the other acted maliciously. Can't they both just say "Oops, my bad, didn't notice the schedule conflict."?

This is funny and pathetic. People are arguing about the date the President is giving a speech, rather than important issues. The correct answer for "Jobs! WTF?" is "Slash the size of government, cut taxes, and cut stupid regulations." That isn't going to happen.

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