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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fundraising Letter From SPLC?

I got a fundraising letter from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). That's pretty ironic. I'm more likely to be on their "official enemies list" rather than giving them money.

For example, the SPLC has put Rand Paul on their "official enemies" list for his "radical libertarian" beliefs. The SPLC insiders seem to think that, if you believe that government is too big, then you're a terrorist.

State propaganda organizations have a title that's usually the opposite of their true purpose. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization dedicated to promoting poverty and lawlessness.

The letter was incredibly misleading. They had a retired FBI agent write the fundraising letter for them. That made it look like it was a letter from the FBI, rather than from the SPLC. The letter also implied that there was some sort of official connection between the SPLC and the FBI. That may be true, but for the purposes of fundraising, there shouldn't be any explicit or implied connection.

I was amused to get a fundraising letter from the SPLC. I was offended that the SPLC letter implied that there was some sort of official connection between the SPLC and the FBI. It's probably one of those things that skirts the bordeline of illegal, although they'd probably win in court if someone tried to challenge it. It definitely was unethical.


Saul said...

I had some Orthodox Jewish friends living in the south who were targeted and threatened by the KKK, including death threats, threats to rape the wife and children, and things actually done to their property. The local sheriff, a fundamentalist Baptist, of course would do nothing about it. They contacted the SPLC and the SPLC law center had NO INTEREST AT ALL.

The SPLC is a political organization that promotes the agendas of their sponsors. They are NOT an organization that protects minorities.

Anonymous said...

Saul is right. SPLC is a political organization - not a social or charitable outfit. But they are a bit weak on ethics even though they are outstanding on promoting poverty and lawlessness. Another FUBAR masquerading as a empathy agency we need protection FROM....

Saul said...

The ACLU is the other big one that does that. If you call them they check if your issue matches the list of political points they are advancing and only respond if you can help their politics. Your rights mean little to them. If coach said a prayer before the big game, they will take that, but if you got thrown in jail for criticizing a leftist government, they won't.

The exact opposite, and a great example of someone doing good deeds, is the Rutherford Association. They represent people on human rights cases without hope whose cases are too politically charged for any other lawyer to accept. They represented Paula Jones when she was trying to get justice for being raped by Bill Clinton and no one would touch her and the Clintons were on a murder rampage. The resulting shitstorm put a serious clamp down on the Clinton's illegal bullying activities as they were occupied with dealing with the Lewinsky sideshow that resulted when the feds decided to take charge of the situation and get the real rape cases off the table and make it about the one consensual case that was entangled in it all.

They then represented Jose Padilla against the Bush administration, the hispanic american that went to fight for al qaeda and was tortured.

They also have represented Amish farmers whose religions prohibits the use of elaborate technology in their septic systems.

Groups that no one gives a fuck about, but they take them on, people who are getting fucked by the system, and their clients never pay a cent.

If there is a political agenda beyond human rights and the constitution they have, it's not a coherent one. They simply don't choose to represent people because of politics, completely unlike the ACLU and SPLC

Saul said...

Hm, Jose Padilla was convicted and sentenced to 17 years in prison several years ago and now the federal appeals court, three days ago, has decided to EXTEND his sentence to 30 years to life WITHOUT TRIAL.

What the fuck man. This is first I ever heard of post-conviction retroactive sentencing extensions done by some other court.

What the fuck rights do we have left? None.

FSK said...

Actually, the sentencing guidelines are merely guidelines. A judge has the discretion to impose a sentence that is harsher or more lenient than the guidelines, unless there's an explicit statutory maximum.

Saul said...

I do understand that. The issue here is that he was already sentenced by a judge and now that sentence is being overturned post-conviction and replaced with a substantially harsher one by an appeal board that the prosecution not the defense appealed to.

FSK said...

Judges are playing an abstract "justice" game. Their viewpoint has nothing to do with reality.

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