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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fnord Analysis - Al Gore On The Colbert Report

I watched Al Gore on The Colbert Report on Tuesday. There was a really interesting bit.

Watch Al Gore's body language and voice inflection. When he discusses global warming, he strongly implies "Everyone who disagrees with me is a fool!" Watch the body language and listen to the voice. That's very important.

Now that I'm mostly unplugged, I understand better. It's like Al Gore's body language was saying "Yup! This is a hoax! We've got everyone conned!" (Of course, Al Gore himself is probably not aware that it's a hoax. That makes him a more effective liar. He's just doing what his handlers are telling him to do. If Al Gore consciously knew that he was spreading lies, then he wouldn't be able to do it so effectively.)

If you didn't have high emotional awareness and watched that bit, you would think that you were smart for disagreeing with Al Gore, and an idiot for questioning him. If you don't have high logical awareness, you would just agree with Al Gore's emotions and not spot the logical fallacies in "carbon dioxide causes global warming".

Stephen Colbert even jokingly said the truth. "The scientists who promote global warming are all working for the government. Therefore, they can't be trusted." Of course, none of the serious anti-"global warming" arguments were discussed.

To recap, the serious questions are:

  1. Exactly how much carbon dioxide causes how much global warming? This has never been satisfactorily proven. In fact, one experiment showed that adding carbon dioxide to air doesn't increase its energy absorption capacity, after about 200 feet of air.
  2. It may be a "correlation confused with causation" fallacy. The temperature has risen in the past 100-200 years. Humans have used more fossil fuels in the past 100-200 years. That doesn't prove causation.
  3. Increased solar output may be causing global warming, rather than human activity. The sunspot cycle may be a factor.
  4. The raw data regarding temperature readings was destroyed. Records older than 10 years were destroyed. Scientists intentionally massaged the data, to get the desired results. Only the "massaged" results were kept, and not the raw data.
  5. The temperature monitoring stations were moved, distorting results. For example, if you move a temperature sensor next to an air conditioner exhaust vent, that will cause the temperature reading to increase. Here is a link that discusses this "conspiracy theory".
  6. Even if "carbon dioxide causes global warming" is true, global warming may be beneficial overall. For example, temperate regions get longer growing seasons.
  7. Even if "carbon dioxide causes global warming" is true, and "global warming is harmful" is true, then the solution is not to give the State more power. Most of the "carbon cap/tax" plans are thinly disguised corporate welfare agreements.
  8. "Global warming" and "terrorism" are scare issues. Statists bully the slaves into accepting more State power.
  9. Another interesting bit is that "global warming" has a lot of similarities to the eugenics movement. The grandchildren of the people who promoted eugenics are now promoting "global warming". Just because a lot of "scientists" believe something doesn't make it true. The truth is not determined by a majority vote.
Peer review is a great censorship tool. In "climategate", scientists specifically bragged about corrupting the peer review process to silence critics. If the majority of people believe that "Carbon dioxide causes global warming!" is true, then via peer review it becomes almost impossible to publish dissenting papers. If all science funding comes from the State, then scientists who have dissenting views don't get funding, don't get published, and don't get tenure.

Watching that interview was a really convincing argument for "Global warming is one big hoax!" Watch carefully, to see if you can notice Al Gore's body language and voice inflection, when he discusses "global warming".

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Anonymous said...

On the contrary, I suspect Al Gore IS very much aware that the anthropogenic global warming movement is a manufactured hoax used to conceal an altogether different agenda, an agenda the ruling elites can't openly announce (Agenda 21 + depopulation + deindustrialization). This is precisely why he is such a lousy actor and turns so many perceptive people off. A lot of people who watch him speak can detect his dishonesty but don't know for sure what he is being dishonest about.

For those who believe in anthropogenic global warming, it has become a sort of faith-based religion. About a month ago I was permanently banned from the forums of one of the busiest and most popular science-based websites on the the internet for pointing out all the connections between the pseudoscientific eugenics movement of the early 20th Century and the pseudoscientific anthropogenic global warming movement of the early 21st Century. I didn't violate any of the forum's terms of service, mind you. The moderators just didn't want me drawing any well-constructed parallels between the two movements on their board and giving any of their flock the kind of unapproved ideas that might challenge their beliefs.

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