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Monday, September 12, 2011

Crying Wolf

In the past few days, the State police and media said something really bizarre and self-contradictory. They said:

  1. We think that terrorists might attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01. BE SCARED!
  2. There's nothing to worry about. Do whatever you were planning to do anyway.
The whole purpose of that exercise was to frighten people. It was pretty shameless.

It's almost like Cuba's government. They always said "The USA is planning to attack! They didn't attack yesterday. That proves our leadership is brilliant."

It's exactly the same thing. They said "Terrorists might attack again!" When they don't attack, that proves that the leaders did a great job.

Of course, if there is another successful attack, that proves that government needs more power and more resources.

The way the spin works, the State insiders win either way. If there's no terrorist attack, that proves the leaders are brilliant. If there is another terrorist attack, that proves that the leaders need more power and more resources.

It's pretty obvious, the way that the police and mainstream media are intentionally scaring people.


Anonymous said...

I came to similar conclusions. This is the comment I made under the news article after it was posted on Yahoo a few days back:

Folks, this is just a giant government psyop on display for all to see. What's really going on here is the U.S. government wants to condition first the people of New York City and then the people of the entire country for the full spectrum Nazi Gestapo-like police state being rolled out around us over the next decade.

You see, the U.S. government knows that the people of this country would never accept a total police state all at the same time. It would shake too many people up, make them question things, and distrust federal authority more than they already do. That's why they are doing it in bits and pieces. A checkpoint here, a camera there, and once in a while a phony terror "threat" thrown in for good measure.

Think about it for a second. You've got the TSA thugs molesting children at the airport, getting people used to having their Fourth Amendment rights violated. You've got VIPR teams full of government thugs storming bus stations, frisking people, and demanding to search their bags without warrants. You've got sullen, almost belligerent police officers cruising through the streets of every major city harassing people, extorting money by writing unnecessary tickets, and carrying out no-knock raids in the dead of night on unsuspecting people. You've got the Supreme Court saying the police are allowed to bust down your door paramilitary-style if they merely hear suspicious activity on the other side. You've got the U.S. military bombing, invading, and occupying sovereign nation after sovereign nation. You've got inland checkpoints showing up hundreds of miles from our borders where armed government thugs question where you are going, where you are coming from, and why you are traveling at all.

It's all happening right before our very eyes. The U.S. government is converting the United States - once the most free nation on earth and envy of liberty-minded people everywhere - into a fully locked down police state. This episode in New York is all part of the larger excuse they need to accomplish this. Twenty years from now when we are living in the horrific world of George Orwell's 1984, we are all going to be scratching our heads wondering how it all came to pass and why we didn't put a stop to it while we still had the chance.

Wake up, people. We still have time to maybe turn this around, but it requires that you turn off your TV and start paying attention to the real world around you. When you do start paying attention you'll quickly come to realize that it's not the phony, contrived terrorist threat you need to be worried about. It's your own government that's the biggest threat.

Wake up NOW.

Anonymous said...

The very date 9/11 is right out of psyop 101.

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