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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homicidal Rampage

Last Friday, Mark Hurd was fired from his job. He retrieved a gun hidden in his desk and went on a homicidal rampage, killing 8 of HP's board members.

Actually, that isn't what happened. He got a $40M+ severance package. That includes cash, options/equity, and other perks.

Mark Hurd's severance payout seems absurd. If he was "fired for cause", then why pay him severance? If not, then why force him to resign. That's inconsistent behavior by HP's board. It's an example of insiders doing favors for each other.

The way "sexual harassment" works, employers take a "guilty unless proven innocent" approach to minimize liability. "Sexual harassment" policies are the result of insane State law and legal precedents. In a really free market, an abused worker would get a new job or start a new business.

"Sexual harassment" cannot occur in a really free market. Workers would have sufficient bargaining power to get non-abusive work conditions. When your employer has a State-backed monopoly, the worker has no choice but to accept abuse.

There are two economic systems, one for insiders and one for everyone else. CEOs get "golden parachutes". One CEO typically serves on other boards. They're spending other people's money, so why not be generous to each other?

If you have a unionized job with a pension, getting fired can be a huge loss. Suppose it's "20 years cliff vesting". Then, it's a huge loss if you're fired after 19 years.

Even if it's "3% vesting per year * last year salary", it's still a huge loss to get fired. You get raises and promotions. In NYC, State employees load up on overtime the year before retiring, leading to ridiculously huge pensions.

When someone has a gun and murders multiple people, the mainstream media says "We need stricter gun control laws!" Actually, gun control laws exacerbate the risk, when there's one angry person with a gun. If someone had a gun, they could have stopped the murderer before he killed so many people. A mass murder is hyped as an excuse for stricter gun control laws, when it's really a reason to allow gun ownership! When a non-policeman gun-carrier stops a crime, that is not hyped as "Hooray for gun ownership!" If a non-policeman uses a gun to stop a crime, he might face personal liability, even if he did the right thing.

I've been unfairly fired from many jobs. It is frustrating. Now, my attitude is "I'll find another job." It is annoying when managers are abusive jerks. It's a consequence of the corrupt State economy. I should start my own business, but State restriction of the market makes it harder than it should be.

Now that I've cracked my pro-State brainwashing, I can think like a mass-murderer, even though I have no plans to kill anyone (and probably won't). A serial killer thinks "Everything is a lie! Why not take as many people down with me as I can?!" State insiders use violence to "solve" problems. A serial killer follows the role model set by the State. According to State logic, you help someone by threatening to kidnap/kill them. A serial killer is trying to help as many people as he can!

There are two economic systems, one for insiders and one for everyone else. Insiders always get a "golden parachute". Non-insiders can be really hurt when fired, especially when it was a unionized job paying above-market wages.


dionysusal said...

>I have no plans to kill anyone (and probably won't).

"Probably"????? Come on, FSK. We all know you're as gentle as a flock of kittens and, like all good agorists, abhor violence.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I started a new job. At the interview I asked my prospective manager who their clients where. He told me that was confidential. The recruitment agency involved told me the company was working on a really cool software product, but he couldn't tell me at that time as it was confidential. I already had a decent, stable job and so only wanted to move to this job if it was stable.

After I started the job, I found out that the cool software product didn't exist. In fact the cool software was only a 3rd party component (that the company hadn't even purchased yet) wrapped up in a simple Windows frame control!

Another manager said the company was about to go bankrupt because they had written no software yet and had no clients! So I was lied to during the interview.

Anyway I ignored the negativity and worked hard. Eventually a big company noticed the software and paid the company about half a million dollars to develop the software I had written further.

Once the big money was in off the back of my work, my manager hired some friends of friends. The friends got far higher salaries than mine, despite the fact they only had jobs off the back of my work! The managers made sure they got a cut of the recruitment fees.

The newly hired clowns were given non-jobs and what work they did was either pointless or junk.

Eventually the manager clowns wanted another fix of recruitment fees and so I was fired so another one of their friends could be hired.

After losing my job, I phoned up a recruitment agency who found it very funny that I had lost my job!

The clowns left behind in the company went on to get more and more money as they managed to get a big company to buy them out. One of them told me years later they would have been all fired, but the company was very large and so failed to notice they weren't doing anything.

Lying and being lazy pays off. Working hard does not.

Scott said...

"Last Friday, Mark Hurd was fired from his job. He retrieved a gun hidden in his desk and went on a homicidal rampage, killing 8 of HP's board members."

Wow really, it sounds too good to be true really.

"Actually, that isn't what happened."

I knew it. Don't tease me like that man.

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